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Features / Usability

Site title not displaying to anyonymous viewers

United States


Working on this wiki, when I'm logged in and editing, I see the site title and subtitle at the top of the page (see screen shot). But when I try viewing it as anonymous (from another browser or from my phone), the site title isn't visible. I have set global permissions for anonymous to view wiki, don't see any lower level permissions...

Any ideas?


Screen Shot 2019 08 28 At 11.04.35 AM

Czech Republic

It might happen when you did not clear your Tiki cache; the module can be still cached from the previous time when you did not have the titles there yet. After some period of time it refreshes with the new content.


United States
Yup, that must be it, thanks! How do you manually clear the cache?
United States
Thanks so much...

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