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Tiki Articles fail to be parsed correctly by Facebook [SOLVED]

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When a URL for an online magazine article is pasted into a new Facebook post or comment, Facebook parses that article and displays both the article's Title and top Image. Unfortunately, Tiki articles don't have the correct structure and Facebook fails to display anything other than a very ugly rendition of Tiki's Browser Title and the Article's Type. Both the top article Image and the article's Title fail to display.

Sadly, what this means is no one is ever going to bother to promote a Tiki based Article on Facebook.

Quick Hack?
Does anyone know how to use Content Templates with the necessary XML or HTML structure to hold the article's Image and Title, so Facebook can correctly parse them?

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Hi Bernard,
This is rather embarrassing. I've been trying this for over 5 years and several Tiki versions, all failing, including three attempts with v21.0.

But now, that I went back to make a snapshot of my typical Facebook result, IT WORKS.

So, thank you for responding, and...
How do I delete my post?


If you have doubt you can use a the Facebook sharing debugger: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/
Also it will force-refresh the version that will be served by Facebook (good if you make some changes)

Herrr... William, you want to delete a post that says that Tiki is working just fine ? 😂😂😂

Can’t you edit your topic title and add:

United States

Thank you, Bernard.
That link was exactly what I was looking for.

ALSO, it seems that sometimes Facebook is very slow at caching and resizing the image. During that time, there is no "working" indicator, and so one's new post looks like Facebook failed.

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