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Features / Usability

Does 'Tracker Field Rules' work on Wiki Pages?

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Hi Jonny,

As this Feature is clearly labeled 'Experimental', I understand and expect there could be issues.

I have no doubt it would work on a 'Show Instance', where all the settings/configs are ideally set-up for Tiki. I need to understand why it's not working on my 'real world' Tiki instance. So I just don't see the sense in creating a 'Show Instance'.

However, since you are the major contributor for this Feature - if you think it would be beneficial for this Feature to do a Jitsi screen share to better understand where there may be a configuration conflict, I would be happy to do this.

If you are too busy, I understand, I'll just try and add custom JQ to each page based on the info you and Victor shared in the past.