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Moving a gallery (pictures) to another tiki

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Well the title say it all.

How can i move an existing pictures gallery from one tiki to another ?


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If the images are stored in the DB you could do a dump of that table (just data, not structure) with something like phpMyAdmin and import it into the galleries table of the other tiki install.

That would do for DB, otherwise, you'd have to xfer the hashed image files from the filesystem as well as copying the db contents.

Not sure how well Tiki would like that really.

Don't forget to backupbefore going nuts!
Let me know how you get on smile.


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ok... OUFFF stored in DB. wink

Under AdminMyPhp i found :

tiki_galleries (21 rows - 21 galleries)
tiki_images (386 rows - 386 pictures listing)
tiki_images_data (773 rows- 386 pictures data + 386 thumbnails data + 1 ?)

This is what i need to export/import into my new tiki throught AdminMyPhp or there is something else ?


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Yep that looks like the right stuff.

Try dumping that and importing into the other tiki.

Again I say "Don't forget to backup" in case it all goes horribly wrong (although I think this is unlikely).