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Architecture / Installation

Admin loggin no left column

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Hello one of my tiki went crazy.

When i'm logged as user it is ok.
When i'm logged as editor it is ok.
When i'm logged as admin i don't have left column

... herfff what should i do ????question

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I have "tricked" Tiki by assigning one of my registred user admins permissions... But i can't get the left column back to the real admin.

Crazy !

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Try going into My Tiki area (as Admin) and checking what modules you have assigned, as you obviousley have the feature 'Users can Configure Modules' selected (in the admin->features section).
Let me know if this works

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Thanks sdl !!!!!!

This solve my problem.

What i'm curious about is the 'Users can Configure Modules' feature.

Let say i select it on purpose. Then i guess that is somewhere under User -> preferences where i can configure the modules.

I can't find it ?

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AOUtch.... no edit post feature ?

SORRY, i type faster than i clicked...

I found that permission for 'configure modules' have to be setted. Then i found under 'my tiky' 'Modules'.

On my real admin there were only 'log box' (i tricked Tiki with the url tiki-user_assigned_modules.php to get there) under my temporary admin everthing usual.

As i never touch this area (even permission were off) and i don't recall i have set this feature (as a normal person i can admit i have done by mistake somehow) this i rather a source of problem and there should be some safety. Or at least a way to set under 'my tiki' 'Mouldes' a kind of 'standard set' always available even when the 'modules' are set wrongly.

For a next release ? :-)

Anyway, thank you very much !