Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Can the Prefix Tiki be removed?

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Hello All,

is it possible to remove the prefix TIKI from all the php files?

or can it be renamed to TW instear of tiki?

has any done this? any assistance will be appreciated.


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Ive seen a couple of tiki sites with this done, however heres some interesting things to point out whilst doing a search and replace:

  • Some CSS classes begin tiki, these could cause strange problems if changed

That said, I do believe there is a wiki page here with a suitable bash script for doing the deed.


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I think it could be done on apache using mod_rewrite
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I use this method on my own site. Also hop over to mods.tikiwiki.org and look at the SEFURLs Search Engine Friendly URLs project.!

Very kewl idea!


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Hello Guys,

Thanks for the replies. I am not a programer or developer to handle anything complex.

so, I guess i will wait before doing any find and replace expiriment ;(


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Hi Again,

I was a bit DRUNK while making my last post eek

OK, i have checked mods website. and Tried downloading SEFURLs pack.

But it keeps saying that the package is currupt. :-(

can you email me the pack? I will PM you my email address.

Thanks for the help


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That does happen if your using Windows.

You need to download the file and rename the extension to tar.gz. Winzip is problematic with the extraction of such files!


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ok, i did try to download it today... and it worked!

i did nothing different than what i did yesterday ;)

Thanks for the help!

One last thing...

If i have my Tiki installed inside a folder

my url would be...


with the SEFURLs installation.. all the links are changed to


so all is broken... I dont know which file to edit to tweek this.

your assistance will be apprieciated.


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