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Features / Usability

Prevent link from "Integrator feature"

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I have set the "Integrator feature" to change the forum used on my TikiWiki with another one. Peint here, there, change of menu...

One word... GREAT !

But... confused

As it need go from link to link at some point it simply open a new page without Tiki benefit.

I wonder if there is a way to prevent that and forced the integrated pages to stay integrated into Tiki ?

It is may be not possible a should be dealed with the integrated pages, not Tiki.

I have also tried to use a Wiki page including an "iframe". Not bad, but not perfect at all.

Well, any suggestion is appreciated ! :-)

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Use the featured_link.php script to make the center a frame for the board. Ive done that for a couple of clients who wanted access to their own goodies without leaving Tiki.


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Oupsss... I didn't see your reply in fact i used (meawhile) a Wiki page containing a simple "IFRAME".

No perfect, but not bad ! :-)

You think featured link will do better ?