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Language code (ISO)English nameTranslator(s)Community Page UrlDetails
arArabicto be determined; see Details column at rightLanguageArabic on LanguageArabic it says "Isam Bayazidi stated on #tikiwiki that he had made a partial translation (approx. 20%)", while the automatic i18n status showed 4.23% (as of 14 June 2011).
bgBulgarianvalio LanguageBulgarian -
caCatalan Xavier de Pedro LanguageCatalan forum16
csCzechLukáš MašekLanguageCzech -
daDanishMichael Sørensen -
deGermanOliver Hertel, Kissaki,
Gregor Adamczyk,
O-M Stefanov,
Torsten Fabricius,...
feel welcome to join us
elGreektakis spykLanguageGreek -
enEnglishAll developers LanguageEnglish Used as root language
en-ukEnglish British LanguageEnglish Used to translate american english to british english (e.g. color to colour)
eoEsperantoSteve Brewer LanguageEsperanto not in source code
esSpanishGustavo Muslera LanguageSpanish -
faFarsiSalem Derisavi, Timedout Timedout Any help from native speakers is highly appreciated. Last version
fiFinnishHartsaLanguageFinnish -
frFrenchSylvie Greverend
Cyril Gallant
Tiki en français
Traduction française
glGalicianFOREM Galicia - CC.OO. language.php attached here for Tiki 1.9.2
heHebrewBernard Sfez - Original translation (TW1.x) by Gil Swartz
hrCroatian - -
huHungarianang, gezzaLanguageHungarian updated (frissítve 2.x-re)
idIndonesianCahya T. Jatmiko, Ellyza D. Satriana - -
itItalianmagius LanguageItalian Original translation by Luca Marletta
jaJapaneseKentaro Fukuchi, Rick Cogley LanguageJapanese -
koKoreanjean.kim 한국어 - unable to contact gene203 who used to work on Korean translation
nlDutchPatrick Van der Veken, Dimitri Smits LanguageDutch -
noNorwegianoehoff GunnarRene Lars Weydahl, Inge Solvoll LanguageNorwegian Working on 3.0 release, who are active translators?
plPolishAndrzej LanguagePolish -
pt_BRBrazilian PortugueseRenato Buiu, Luis Fagundes, Paulino Michelazzo-
ptPortugueseSérgio Alves - PT language translated for Tiki Eta Carinae 1.7.2 version Download
ruRussianDmitri VassilenkoLanguageRussian -
sbPijin Solomon - -
skSlovakbluybrink LanguageSlovak -
srSerbianhttp://www.nasepismo.net Home Page Community-driven translation using Pootle PO Convertor for TikiWiki and the GNOME Serbian Translation online dictionary. Please use the 1.15 version http://tikiwiki.cvs.sourceforge.net/tikiwiki/tiki/lang/sr/language.php?revision=1.15&view=markup the translations have been erased in the last one. I can not restore it because the encoding seems incorrect. Please Serbian users help.
sr-latnSerbian LatinDaniyel Sili - Sligtly outdated. Once sr translation is complete, will be generated automatically
svSwedish Jan Docekal LanguageSwedish -
tvTuvaluan - -
uk_UAUkrainianDmytro Kovalov/?????? ???????? LanguageUkrainian Help from native speakers is highly appreciated.
zh_CNChinese SimplifiedNathanael Lee LanguageSimpChinese
zh_TWChinese Traditional Cecil Sheng Eric Yu LanguageTradChinese folder: lang/tw


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