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))BabelFish(( refers to a Tiki Feature which automatically generates links to the http://babelfish.altavista.com automated translation service. The feature is available as a pair of checkboxes in the main Admin page:

  • Show Babelfish Translation URLs
  • Show Babelfish Translation Logo

Both of these options display auto-generated links at the bottom of each Tiki page. Click on one of the links will translate that Tiki page, via the Babelfish service, into the corresponding target language.

As you might expect, "Show Babelfish Translation URLs" shows the links as full URLS, while "Show Babelfish Translation Logo" shows the links using the Babelfish logo, and little country flags indicating the target language corresponding to each link.
For instance, the Babelfish URL for this page would be something like
√úbersetzen Sie diese Seite ins DeutscheImage

Note that, sadly, Babelfish seems to have changed some links, so that the Tiki Babelfish feature doesn't produce valid links at the moment. So this is largely academic. :-)


This page is for the version 1.8.

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