• Install Tiki fresh install tested by a number of users
  • Check that install procedure is smooth for new installer tested
  • Does the admin menu appear when first install?
  • tiki_p_edit_categorized issue on upgrading Handle tiki_p_edit_categories/categorized Note need to avoid adding this after explicit removal in subsequent upgrades done
  • Minor finetuning to upgrade UI to avoid accidental upgrade problem done
  • Remove old profiles for now - TODO before final release new profiles
  • List what is no longer supported in 1.10 - warning to upgraders (see Documentation below)

Reorganize admin features panel checkboxes into

  • Major features (Wiki, Forum, Image gallery, Calendar.....) done
  • Technical features (Ajax, Mootools, etc...)
  • Site-wide features (Categories/Freetags)
  • Experimental features (includes new, stability uncertain, or less maintained)
  • Minor features (Quiz, Surveys, etc)

Allow grouping of themes into "latest", "legacy" and so on.

  • cyberdrek is on this (not complete yet)

Feature marking as experimental

  • mark in admin panel features that may remain experimental
  • Refer to Release110Checklist for info on state of features


  • Make sure security enhancements in 1.9 are in 1.10 lphuberdeau done

Feature bug squashing

  • Empty first page on lists that have a lot of items that cannot be seen because of perms e.g. forum listing but this could affect other lists as well?.. this could be complicated and may cause new bugs so maybe better to leave it for now
  • Captcha interferes with OpenID lphuberdeau done

Bug triaging and flagging with 110Release

Does this affect 1.10?
rollback does not rollback page description

Refer Release110 tagged bugs

Feature refinements (probably won't be done before RC1, but nevertheless tabled)

It is way too difficult to reuse image gallery images in wiki pages or elsewhere

Feature testing

  • Test combinations of user login Group homepage redirection at login time not working
  • Turn AJAX and Mootools on - stretch this to the limit, with PHP Layers menu and Wysiwyg. Try on different browsers. Try and get js errors.
  • Try and activate SEF URL and see if it works and verify bug SEF conflicts with best language
  • Image galleries permissions testing and check if bug exists Permissions for individual categories
  • Try out new file galleries with and without AJAX. nyloth is working on this
  • Try out wiki page attachments. Set permissions on page. Are attachments protected?
  • Try out forum new features. Create a forum with all the new fancy forum options turned on. Pagination, etc, threading, flat forum vs non-flat. Try to break stuff.
  • Try calendar.
  • Try RSS feeds for all sections. malformed XML

Module testing

Plugin testing


  • List what is no longer supported in 1.10 - warning to upgraders


  • lphuberdeau done. To put on Sourceforge late Mon with some essential upgrade/beta information.
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