Tiki 8.5 Release Notes

Release Notes
information This document includes important information about Tiki 8.5. Please review this information when installing (or upgrading to) this release.

For Tiki support, please use the forums.

Table of contents

Introduction to upgraders from earlier versions

If you are migrating to Tiki8 from Tiki versions earlier than Tiki7, you are encouraged to read first the pages describing the changes introduced in earlier versions of Tiki, such as:

as well as the page linking to the resources related with Upgrades

If this is your first installation ever of Tiki, welcome to Tiki Community! You'll find details about the installation here:

What's New

Important Changes

 Important Information
This release (8.5) marks the end of the Tiki 8.x series. No additional updates or releases are planned.




Known Issues


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