• nirvanesque

    Bonjour Marc et al,

    Any update on using composer during installation with Bluehost ?

    I am using Bluehost for hosting my multi-Tiki installation.
    Earlier with Tiki 10.x, this was not a problem to automate multi-Tiki installation for multiple subdomains using setup.sh
    But now while trying to install / upgrade Tiki 11.x, I get the same errors:
    ~/tiki-11.0# ./setup.sh
    Status: 404 Not Found
    Content-type: text/html

    No input file specified.
    We have failed to obtain the composer executable.
    NB: Maybe you are behing a proxy, just export https_proxy variable and relaunch setup.sh
    1) Download it from http://getcomposer.org
    2) Store it in temp/

    Note: I have already "curled" composer and installed in tiki directory.

    My question to you ("workaround"):
    As I have a previous Tiki 10.x installation with the same subdomains, can I simply copy the subdirectories and content (from my previous installation) to my 11.x installation ?
    Is there any additional new subdirectories/files created by setup.sh in Tiki 11.x ? If so, please specify what to create manually.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • nirvanesque

      Hello Marc et al,

      Please ignore my previous message with composer problem; this was an error on my side.

      Important: The file "composer.phar" must be installed in the /temp subdirectory of the Tiki installation.