140825 TAG Meeting

Topics discussed on 2014-08-25

  • Mail server will be set up and migrated services by Frank Guthausen, as he offered during the last TikiFestSysAdmin-2014.
  • A new Structured Teams has been created to help gathering disperse information on current Tiki Teams, and to help the next phase willing to facilitate "Organic Groups" within the Tiki community.
  • https://tiki.org/blog29-Community-Infrastructure has been created, and attention must be given to public places where passwords are provided if some "service commands" can be run. This blog has been set private for the Infraestructure Team in the meantime (before icinga is set to read-only mode, etc).
  • Security will be migrated to the server where doc.t.o and dev.t.o are located. Updated to 12.x, cleaned, and applied "Custom contact form" to get a history (in a tracker) of messages being received related to security reports, etc. (with content secured enough there with perms, etc)
  • The TSCA can't have a master card card from PayPal because the TSCA is not located in USA.
  • Nelson investigates a bank account with no fees for the Association, which will be useful in the future for paying things frmo the Association where PayPal is not accepted.
  • Xavi asks Oliver to rescue a backup of Tiki12 for edu.t.o
  • We'll make Admins Team Meetings quarterly. Next one could around the date of November 24th 2014. A convene will be set to choose the specific date.

1.1.1. Infos & tasks derived from the last TikiFestSysAdmin metting

Maybe some infos can be provided about the conclusions from the last TikiFestSysAdmin-2014 held last Friday August 22 in Germany, since some of them may be related to the topics expected to be covered today (the mail server to be migrated from the old server from Marc, etc).

See at least:

1.1.2. Migration of stuff from old server from Marc

See email in the admin list with details or the requirements for the new server to hold all things that we want to keep somewhere here than his old server.
http://wiki-translation.com/ and http://crm.tiki.org/ are now hosted on ovh.tiki.org and https://security.tiki.org is now hosted on amse3.tiki.org.
Also, the ail system has been rebuilt elsewhere by Frank.
All done.

1.1.3. How to pay a service directly from the TSCA money?

For instance, buying a new vm in linode for the new server to hold the email server for t.o emails, etc.
How should one admin proceed in order to have that payed directly through the money from the TSCA? (and not payed by someone's direct account, year after year, and then reclaiming each time from the TSCA)

1.1.4. TSCA Finance reports

  • Once per year?
  • Public in wiki pages at t.o? Viewable by anyone? by registered? only by Admins? ...

1.1.5. demo.tiki.org sites should reset every x days

See http://dev.tiki.org/item5429
Done. They are now reset weekly Sundays 23:00 and the demo.tiki.org welcome message mentions that.

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