Backlinks is a nice navigational feature, which is configured by WikiAdmin. After the feature has been activated and you have created a link to a page, e.g., ((SomeWikiPage)), a dropdown box will appear on the page to which you pointed.

Let me repeat that for those of you who, like me, have a problem with reverse logic, the dropdown box will appear on the page to which you pointed rather than on the page where you created the link. This is what is meant by a backlink; it is a link backward.

chealer: so ktest if I understand correctly, you don't understand why SomePage has no backlinks, right?
ktest: yes
chealer: which page(s) links to that page?
ktest: no page
chealer: well, how can it have backlinks then?

Orphaned pages, i.e., pages to which there are no pointers, will lack the Backlinks dropdown box.

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