Consulting Ecosystem Team

The Consulting Ecosystem Team is all about fostering healthy growth of the network of companies that conduct business using/around Tiki, which includes increasing the number of full-time Tiki consultants and making it easier for potential Tiki users to find the right consultants / service providers in the Tiki community to meet their needs.


Ongoing tasks

  • Make sure Consultants list is up to date and useful.
    • Check that the sites are up and relevant (a Link Checker would be nice)
  • Maintain info.tiki.org with help from the Communications Team
  • Participate to branding.tiki.org to help make sure branding is helpful to consultants
  • Featured Sites
    • Make sure consultants are adding their projects
    • Make sure they are still using Tiki. If not, move to the File Gallery "Featured Tikis > OLD"
  • WikiMatrix: Make sure listings, URLs, e-mails are OK and encourage consultants to order a premium listing: Just go to the "update your consultant listing" (at the bottom of the consultants list). Then follow the link to "Order a Premium Listing" at the "Premium Listing" section. Or just use these URLs: http://www.wikimatrix.org/cedit.php http://www.wikimatrix.org/corder.php

Release responsibilities

None identified at the moment


Long term

  • Live Support Service
  • Have a "rating" system implemented.
    • Either "force" consultants to identify themselves as: Junior, intermediate or senior.
    • Therefore, have that tracker allowing clients to "rate" a consultant. Like a "Up or Down" button like this:
      Image Image


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