Tiki 1.7 doesn't currently offer an ERP feature. We currently have no clear plan and no team to work on this. However, ERP features would fit in very well within Tiki.

The future ERP team can focus on ERP features without having to worry about "transversal features" like templates, user system, etc

The GalaxiaWorkflow engine can be a superb tool to enhance ERP functions.


No one is currently working on this feature. Please add your name here if you'd like to contribute.


no trackers yet

Competition and standards

ERP is a big field with some big players.

CVS Doc section

none yet


ERP is good, but the latest hype in management is the Business-Process-Modelling where information is gathered in Petri-nets and self-managing bayesian networks. ;-) as far as I see.


lets upgrade the wiki function, so that we have petri-nets. for an example of petrinet see maria, the modular reachability analyzer:

Marko Mäkelä's "Maria - Modular Reachability Analyzer - a reachability analyzer for concurrent systems that uses Algebraic System Nets as its modelling formalism." see http://www.tcs.hut.fi/maria/

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