• Added a find feature to the lastchanges section in the Wiki (Ramiro).

  • Added Categories: You can create categories and subcategories building a category tree, objects (pages, forums, blogs, image galleries, file galleries, etc) can be assigned to one/many categories, the user can browse categories finding objects for each specific category.

  • Communications center: Now you can send/receive Wiki pages from/to other Tiki-enabled sites using a simple XMLRPC API, received pages are stored in an "ibox" where an admin can view,edit,remove,accept the pages. This new feature can be used to send a Tiki page from one site to another one!

  • Consolidated CSS file, there're two CSS files in this distribution: subSilver and default2, if you wantto produce a new theme you can change any of these, subSilver is longer and uses an individual style for every element in Tiki while default2 applies the same style to multiple elements (ie: tables) and thus is a faster way to get a theme ready.

  • Forums!, now you can set-up mesage forums, forums are organized by topics and topics by threads, users can post, reply and quote messages in forums, messages can be voted using the same karma system used in comments. Many features are "copied" from phpBB since it is the best forum software for PHP, we copied those features and integrated the forums with the Tiki permission system, rankings, modules and search engine.

  • Now you can upload th thumbnail of an image when uploading an image, this will prevent automatic thumbnail generation. Some users wanted this feature because thumbnail generation didn't work or theywanted to upload their own thumbnails. Maybe you want to have a thumbnail that is not the same as the full image so you can use this feature. Thumbnails will be displayed using the size assignated for thumbnails to the image gallery.

  • Now you can set up how old must a version be at least to be removed from the history, this can prevent a user from saving a page "n" times destroying a previous version. (Thanks to tesla2k for the tip)

  • Links to help including objects in user modules where added to the admin_modules screen.

  • Next and prev buttons where added to view the next/prev image when browsing images from a gallery (Ramiro).

  • Now you can control which groups can view image galleries and filegalleries.

  • Individual permissions for image galleries, as an admin you can control which groups can view,admin, upload to a specific gallery overriding global permissions.

  • Individual permissions for file galleries, as an admin you can control which groups can view,admin, upload and download to a specific gallery overriding global permissions.

  • Individual permissions can be set up by admins to weblogs, so you can control which groups can read, admin and post to specific weblogs.

  • From the page-permissions screen admins can set up email addresses that will receive an email when the page changes. If you want to remotely monitor some page this is for you.

  • Chatrooms feature (experimental), you can create chatrooms and the users can enter chatrooms and chat, the refreshing time for each chatroom can be configured and the page is not reloaded, only an invisible frame with size 0 is reloaded to get fresh chat messages.

  • RSS modules, create RSS modules to display news/events from other sites, you can display RSS feeds in user modules using
    , you can set up which feeds can be displayed and the refreshing time for each feed. RSS 0.91 and 1.0 are supported.

  • Polls, you can create polls, set polls to be "active,closed,current". Polls can be displayed in modules using
     User error
    Plugin argument(s) missing:
    • pollId
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    Plugin argument(s) missing:
    • pollId
    to select a random poll from the "current" polls. There's a page to view poll results and old poll results and old polls not closed can be voted. A mechanism to prevent a user from voting many times is also included.

  • Menu builder section, you can build menus using sections and options, menus can be static (no javascript) or dynamic. Menus can be displayed in user modules using {menu id=n}

  • Comments can now be filtered by threshold.

  • Comments for weblogs,articles, image galleries, file galleries and polls.

  • A selected file gallery can be used as the home page for the site.

  • Now you can enable/disble RSS feeds from the admin screen and limit the maximum number of items for any feed.

  • New RSS feed for individual file galleries listing the last images uploaded to a given gallery.

  • New RSS feed for individual image galleries listing the last images uploaded to a given gallery.

  • New RSS feed for weblogs listing last posts to any weblog.

  • New RSS feed for file galleries listing last files uploaded.

  • New RSS feed for image galleries listing last images uploaded.

  • Random pages module.

  • Now you can include dynamic content blocks in wiki pages using or .

  • Now you can use to select a random content from a dynamic block content, the rame name="changelog" align="center" src="http://tikiwiki.org/changelog.txt" frameborder="1" width="100%" height="1600"> syntax can also be used to select the last current content for a block.

  • New Wiki element: ^some^ will render "some" inside a simple box.

  • The layout can be configured from the admin screen you can enable disable the columns, top bar and footer.

Page last modified on Tuesday 29 July 2003 20:12:42 GMT-0000

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