This page will be the final place for the feature related content in ReleaseProcess17, summing up all relevant and interesting features additions hopefully.
Version 1.7 -Eta Carinae-

  • FIX Added form to edit groups and change included groups
  • NEW Added an Edit CSS feature, with fancy display of css and fast editor form
  • NEW Added a setup_virtual.sh for virtual hosting, and changed internal code accordingly
  • NEW Added a general Calendar feature for tiki content browsing and groups calendar management. Uses overlib and some javascript enhancements.
  • NEW Added a MODULE plugin to display modules inside wiki pages
  • NEW Added copyrights management system.
  • NEW Authentication: Tiki can use the Web Server authentication if admin wants, the user is automatically logged to Tiki once the Web Server authentication is used.
  • NEW Mechanism to prevent script/robotic user registration is supported, Tiki generates a graphical number that the user must enter in the registration form to be registered. This feature is optional and can be enabled/disabled from the admin->login menu.
  • NEW New theme added: neat based on plone.
  • NEW A single wiki-page can be a multi-page page using ... page ... to separate pages, individual pages can be viewed using navigation links or a slideshow.
  • NEW A wiki structure can be created/imported from a text representation of the tree where structure levels are depicted by indenting the text with single spaces.
  • NEW All pages in a structure can be exported from the admin structures page
  • NEW A text representation of a Wiki structure can be exported then it can be used to create (recreate) the structure in another system.
  • NEW Blogs: Blog posts now support multi-page posts, the first page will be displayed when listing blog posts (can be used as a heading) and the other pages are navigable when reading a blog post.
  • NEW Articles: Multi-page articles are now supported, use "... page ..." to separate pages in a multi-page article. Navigation links to article pages automatically added.
  • NEW Articles: The permission tiki_p_autoapprove_submission was added, groups with that permission can submit articles that are automatically approved.
  • NEW Articles: The list of articles can be configured choosing which columns should be displayed when listing articles.
  • NEW Wiki: Optionally admin can choose if the user who creates a page has admin privileges over that page (remove, assign perms, etc)
  • NEW Wiki: The listpages feature can be configured choosing what columns will be displayed in the listing.
  • NEW ))MyTiki(( page reformatted to a tabbed interface.
  • FIX Lethal bug in tikilib that caused cache engine to infinitely recurse has been resolved.
  • NEW Forums: Posts can be reported to moderator.
  • NEW File galleries: Up to 6 files can be uploaded at once.
  • NEW Forums control to view posts from the last X hours/days only.
  • NEW File galleries dupes are now prevented.
  • NEW File galleries improved, listings are configurable, files can be moved and deleted. Better interface. etc
  • NEW Banning system: Admin can ban users or IPs from specific sections of Tiki, rules accept dates (suspensions). Usernames accept regexes, IPs accept wildcards example: 23.*.*.*
  • NEW Forums: Tiki distinguishes between read and unread posts
  • NEW WML&PDA Integration using HawHaw: Use tiki-wap.php to access a Phone/PDA friendly version of the Wiki.
  • NEW Forum attachments added, you can setup which forums admit attachments and who can attach files to forum posts.
  • NEW Added forum discussion button to wiki page view: allows users to go straight to forum for page discussion.
  • NEW Drawings history added. From the admin drawings panel you can view the history, remove versions, etc.
  • NEW Drawings jGraphPad replaced jHotDraw, lot of new features and tools to edit drawings which can be included in any parsed tiki object.
  • NEW Forums: Breadcrumb added. Links to next/prev topic when browsing threads added.
  • NEW Forums: Topic summaries added and can be used (optional)
  • NEW Forums: Topic smileys can be used
  • NEW File galleries: you can edit the name/description of files (Joan)
  • NEW File galleries: duplicate uploads are prevented.
  • NEW Articles: topic or article image can 'float' around text optionally.
  • NEW Forums: columns to be listed in topic listing can be configured per-forum.
  • NEW Forums: columns to be listed in forum listing can be configured.
  • NEW Notes in notepad remember parsing mode.
  • NEW Notes in notepad can be viewed as smarty templates
  • NEW Forum posts can be saved to the notepad.
  • NEW Weblog posts can be saved to the notepad.
  • NEW Notepad: A note can be converted in a wiki page or update the content of any wiki page (if permitted)
  • NEW Notepad: notes can be merged into a single note.
  • NEW Weblogs: Trackback pings implemented, you can send a ping from any weblog post to any URI accepting trackback pings. Tiki will also accept trackback pings the tiki-view_blog_post.php script implements the discovery mechanism, then Tiki can display a list of trackback pings to your blog posts from other sites. Compatible with geeklog, movabletype and other wonderful weblogging packages that are-now-eclipsed-by-the-amazing-tiki-machine!
  • NEW Weblogs: interface added to add images to a weblog post, this works with the traditional editor or the brand-new WYSIWYG editor.
  • NEW Customizable heading (all the html before posts) for weblogs.
  • NEW You can control if individual weblogs accept comments
  • NEW Weblogs: blog posts can use titles if the blog is configured to use titles.
  • NEW Weblogs: admin can select what columns to list in the blog listing, the blog owner can be listed as an avatar, link or text. Improved the look and fell of the blog listing.
  • NEW WYSIWYG editor added for blog posts, you can now edit an HTML post for a blog using a full-featured Wysiwyg editor (IE only in 1.7)
  • NEW Workflow engine added. Create processes, monitor processes and execute processes. Processes are mapped to PHP scripts. Please read the workflow documentation for a detailed overview of the Workflow engine.
  • NEW The special Smarty plugin {helplink page="PageName"} can be used to create a link that will display a wiki page as a help popup. This allows your site to create an online help system based on Wiki pages.
  • NEW In file galleries, the file title and description now can be edited.
  • FIX In file galleries, when a file had a title the filename was showed instead. Now it shows title correctly, and title itself is not forced to be entered, the filename is shown when no file title has been provided.
  • NEW New popup window to see images in image galleries. It autosizes to the image's size.
  • NEW Batch user import in Users administration. Now you can import users from a CSV file. The CSV file needs to have the column names in the first record. The column titles must match with fields in "users_users" table. Login, password and mail are forced. If an unexistant field is specified, it's ignored.
  • NEW Default .htaccess contains many apache/mod_rewrite commands: http://ex.com/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage => http://ex.com/HomePage, http://ex.com/tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=1 => http://ex.com/blog/1, etc.

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