GSOC 2010

This space can be used, by prospective students, mentors and others interested to discuss, and collaborate on the ideas and work relating to GSOC 2010.

Tiki wiki has been actively participating in GSOC, and so it will this year.

This page is still in its early stages, and started by a budding student to share his proposal/Idea and get comments/reviews about it.

Project: TMA( Tiki Management Application)
IDEA: Tiki dashboard Management Application for an admin running Tiki Website, which will be cross-platform, open-source, using AIR. Will open up space for future to go even on Mobile devices.

Application and Skills Required: Skills: PHP, Actionscript, Flex 4, Air, GUI development, documentation.

Details: TMA is the place in the back-end where one can add/manage all the content for his/her tiki website. This project aims at developing a Manager using Adobe Flex/AIR, which interacts with existing Tiki Installation.
This will be a cross-platform application which will eliminate the need of an internet browser Management. Once configured a user can easily add/manage new/existing Blog/Wiki/News/image gallery without even using Tiki interface.

NOTE: As i am a student and this is the first time i have proposed such an idea. Its a pretty big thing with for me, i want to work with Tiki for the upcoming summer with GSOC and this is a step towards showing my skill(creative, communication) and passion. This is just an idea and would require lot of refining and improvements.

Proposed By: Dharamveer Singh Chouhan, 2nd Year B.tech Student, IT-BHU, India

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