I decided that time passed enough. Last upgrade on pear occured on june 19th, I check all PEAR packages that we use and upgraded them. Here is the detail of upgrades :

PEAR 0.9 -> 1.2.1

Licence PHP3
Changes from 1.1: 2003-08-13

  • Changed license from PHP 2.02 to 3.0
  • Added support for optional dependencies
  • Made upgrade and uninstall package case insensitive
  • pear makerpm, now works and generates a better system independant spec file
  • pear install|build pecl-package, now exposes the compilation progress
  • Installer now checks dependencies on package uninstall
  • Added proxy support for remote commands using the xmlrcp C ext (Adam Ashley)
  • Added the command "download-all" (Alex Merz)
  • Made package dependency checking back to work
  • Added support for spaces in path names (Greg)
  • Various bugfixes
  • Added new pear "bundle" command, which downloads and uncompress a PECL package. The main purpouse of this command is for easily adding extensions to the PHP sources before compiling it.

Files :

  • lib/pear/PEAR.php
    • all other pear packages
    • lib/webmail/mimeDecode.php
    • lib/adodb/adodb-pear.inc.php
    • lib/adodb/adodb-errorpear.inc.php
    • lib/adodb/tests/test.php
    • lib/phplayers/lib/layersmenu-common.inc.php (from phplayers cvs module)
  • lib/pear/System.php
    • no file, removed (14k saved :-)

1.3 is in beta3 will probably be released soon.

Auth 1.2.0 -> 1.2.2

Licence PHP2
Release notes 1.2.2 : 2003-07-28

  • Fixed a problem in 1.2.1 release
  • Added support for passing contaner as an object
  • Added fix when db_fileds is *
  • Added Test Suite (experimental)
  • Added generic support for arbitrary password crypting functions different than MD5, DES and plain text. (Patch by Tom Anderson)
  • Added new MDB storage container written by Lorenzo Alberton
  • Added new Container for SAMBA password files (SMBPasswd)

Files :

  • lib/pear/Auth/Auth.php
    • lib/userslib.php
  • lib/pear/Auth/Container.php
    • lib/pear/Auth/Container/LDAP.php
  • lib/pear/Auth/Container/LDAP.php
    • not found (???)

We could add more container maybe, as we use only LDAP but that list is available
DB.php File.php IMAP.php LDAP.php MDB.php POP3.php RADIUS.php SMBPasswd.php SOAP.php vpopmail.php

chris.holman: The file lib/pear/Auth/Container/LDAP.php has been almost completely re-written. For the better in most cases and worth updating.
However, the TW team have modified the pear code by implementing the AddUser() function. This has Linux and module dependancies, as it invokes the openLDAP command line tools to add the user. A second implementation AddUser2(Untested) uses the PHP LDAP library calls, and should be integrated as the AddUser function in preference to the existing function.

Date 1.3 -> 1.4rc1

Licence PHP3
Changes from 1.3 : 2003-12-03

  • improvements in input date parsing
  • add Date methods addSpan() and subtractSpan()
  • added two more ISO8601 date/time output formats DATE_FORMAT_ISO_BASIC and DATE_FORMAT_ISO_EXTENDED
  • improve Date_Calc isLeapYear() and daysInMonth() for year 1582
  • add gregorianToISO() method to Date_Calc
  • add dateSeason() method to Date_Calc
  • add Date_Span class
  • bugfix in Date_Calc when century ends in 00, only define DATE_CALC_BEGIN_WEEKDAY if not already defined
  • bugfix in beginOfNextWeek(), beginOfPreviousWeek() (thx to andreas dot kossmeier at bergfex dot at)
  • bugfix in nextDayOfWeek and prevDayOfWeek (thx to koan at gmx dot at)
  • bugfix for bug 62: getDate(DATE_FORMAT_UNIXTIME) off because of DST
  • bugfix for bug 65: format(e) returns zero-padded day
  • bugfix for bug 195: Suppress a notice in setDate()
  • bugfix for bug 271: Date_Calc weeksInMonth() returns wrong number
  • add tests to release package

Files :

  • lib/pear/Date.php
    • lib/tikilib.php (used by get_timezone_list(), server_time_to_site_time(), get_site_date(), date_format(), make_time() and make_server_time())
  • lib/pear/Date/Calc.php
    • lib/pear/Date.php
  • lib/pear/Date/Human.php
    • nowhere -> deleted (7K less)
  • lib/pear/Date/TimeZone.php (hacked for windows timezone support)
    • lib/pear/Date.php
  • lib/pear/Date/TimeZoneWindows.php
    • lib/pear/Date/TimeZone.php <- hacked by ross to support windows timezone. I ported the hack I think (at end of file)

HTTP 1.2

Files :

  • lib/pear/HTTP.php
    • nowhere erased

HTTP_Request 1.1.1 -> 1.2

licence BSD
New in 1.2 : 2003-10-27

  • Feature additions:
    • Support for multipart/form-data POST requests and file uploads (partly based on Christian Stocker's work)
    • Brackets [] after array variables are optional (on by default, controlled by useBrackets parameter)
    • HTTP_Request now implements a Subject-Observer design pattern. It is possible to add Listeners to the Request object to e.g. draw a progress bar when downloading a large file. This is partly based on Stefan Walk's work. A usage example for this is available.
  • Migration to 1.2:
    • Redirect support is now OFF by default
    • Redirect support is DEPRECATED
    • Methods clearCookies(), clearPostData(), reset() are DEPRECATED
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed PEAR bug #18 (Lowercased headers, fix by Dave Mertens)
    • Fixed PEAR bug #131 (Domain without trailing slash)
    • Fixed PHP bug #25486 (100 Continue handling)
    • Fixed PEAR bug #150 (Notices being generated)
    • Fixed problems with HTTP responses without bodies

Files :

  • lib/pear/Request.php
    • lib/pear/SOAP/WSDL.php
    • lib/tikilib.php (used in httprequest(), that is used in refresh_cache() and cache_url() )

NET_Irc 0.0.6 -> 0.0.7

licence php2
changes : 2003-07-06

  • Fixed Channel Join/Part/Quit Code


  • lib/pear/IRC.php
    • lib/irc/irclib.php



  • lib/pear/Mail.php
    • not found included anywhere erased 7K

NNTP 0.1 -> 0.10.1 alpha

licence php2
changes : 2003-11-24

  • Fixes bug #7 (lines longer than 1000 chars no longer stop download)
  • Merges v0.3.3 and v0.9.4 into one package - The 'Net_NNTP' class from v0.9.x is now called 'Net_NNTP_Realtime'. (heino)
  • Incorrect handling of the XROVER extension in getOverview() removed (heino)
  • Constant names pearified. Deprecated/historical methods that didn't follow PEAR's coding standard have been removed. Incorrect handling of the XROVER extension corrected in cmdXROver() and removed in getOverview(). (heino)

Files :

  • lib/pear/NNTP.php
    • lib/newsreader/newslib.php (needs a renaming from 'Net_NNTP' class to 'Net_NNTP_Realtime')
    • tiki-custom_home.php (needs a renaming from 'Net_NNTP' class to 'Net_NNTP_Realtime')

PHPunit x.x

used in tiki-tests.php, start of a regression testsuite, but never finished as it lacks most PHPunit components
removed until work is done on a real regression testsuite

NET_socket 1.0.1

Didn't evolve. copied asis. licence php2

  • lib/pear/Net/Socket.php
    • lib/pear/HTTP/Request.php

NET_Url 1.0.10

Didn't evolve. copied asis. licence BSD

  • lib/pear/Net/URL.php
    • lib/pear/HTTP/Request.php

NET_Dime 0.3

Didn't evolve. copied asis. licence php2

  • lib/pear/Net/DIME.php
    • lib/pear/SOAP/Base.php
    • lib/pear/SOAP/Transport/HTTP.php

SOAP 0.7.3 -> 0.8RC2

licence php2
changes : 2003-09-17

  • Fixes when behind a proxy.
  • http protocol was not recognised in WSDL.php (Michele Manzato, Freddy Vulto)
  • optional parameters to specify cache use and liftime in WDSL (suggested by Michele Manzato). Constants are kept for Backward Compatibility
  • Error handling in Server::callMethod (patch by Pavel Marenyuk)
  • Conformance to standard, removing the trailing slash for HTTP binding (many people reported this)
  • Left out old 0.7.3 version number in 0.7.4
  • timeout reporting on HTTP transmission (now returns an error)
  • typo in WSDL.php on a variable test
  • better error reporting of HTTP response
  • series of patches from Chris Coe, l=list of improvements follows
  • the new class SOAP_WSDL_ObjectParser does for class
  • namespace prefixes are no longer stored in lower-case
  • In Base.php and Server.php, the SOAP-ENC:arrayType attribute of
  • In WSDL.php, the WSDL-file parsing function parse() was renamed to
  • the constructor of SOAP_WSDL was changed so that if a URL to a WSDL
  • Server.php, the addObjectWSDL() function was added. This takes
  • In Server.php, addObjectMap() was given two extra, optional
  • In Base.php, a comparison in _multiArrayType was changed to enable
  • Interop tests should be much better
  • HTTP authentication credentials handling was fixed


  • many
    • tiki-ws_client.php
    • tiki-ws_server.php

No idea how that is supposed to work and why ... it looks like it's only tests for future things that didn't come. erased, can be added back easily

new: XML Parser 1.01

This is an XML parser based on PHP's built-in xml extension. It supports two basic modes of operation: "func" and "event". In "func" mode, it will look for a function named after each element (xmltag_ELEMENT for start tags and xmltag_ELEMENT_ for end tags), and in "event" mode it uses a set of generic callbacks.

Will be needed for XML Tree package (prerequisite).

new: XML Tree 2.02b

Allows for the building of XML data structures using a tree
representation, without the need for an extension like DOMXML.

Will be used by the new TikiPackager and TikiPackageInstaller.

Other files
  • CMD.php is not used anywhere
  • DB.php and DB/ should not be used anymore. but it's used in the following files
    • db/tiki-db.php
    • db/structure_fix_1.7to1.8.php
    • lib/bablotron.php
    • lib/phpOpenTracker/phpOpenTracker.php (but phpopentracker is bundled with its own pear::DB file)
    • lib/phplayers/lib/layersmenu-common.inc.php (but that use is very optional and inhibited)

$ du -sH pear*
1.7M pear
533k pear_upgraded

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