SVG-edit 2013-02 community meeting

The meeting will be held February 12th, 2013 16h00 UTC. Check the time zone for your city

Please see the agenda here:

The conference call will be held using the Free and Open Source BigBlueButton audio-video-chat-screensharing-whiteboard server.

Meeting ID: 77770

Last time we checked, the room you requested did not exist.

You can also join in this conference by calling +1-877-SOS-Tiki from a regular phone. Please register and login for information on how to call in.


We are recording the audio, slides and chat messages of the sessions for the others who cannot participate live so by entering the room you agree to be recorded (but you don't need to use your real name). The recording link will be available on this page some time after the last person leaves the room (the delay depends on how much time it takes the server to prepare the recording).

General info

  • All you need is a web browser with Flash enabled
  • Normally, you should be able to have audio via your computer. Make sure to have a headset (ideally USB) or we may mute you for most of the meeting to avoid background noises.
  • You'll also be able to phone in using Skype or a regular phone, but in this case, you won't have access to chatroom and presentation.
  • If you face problems with the connection, especially with audio, please try the following:
    • Use Skype to call the number 0018777678454, which is a free US/Canada landline number. You can call it without credits via "Skype out". You will be asked for a conference pin number. This is 77770 (conference-pin = voicebridge = conference number).
  • There is no need to create an account to join the call. You can just give any username and you will be identified as a guest.
    • If you are logged on to tiki.org when you click the button above, you will have moderator rights, and thus, you will be able to be the presenter and show slides, share your desktop, and make others presenters. You can register here.
  • Presenters: you'll be able to share URLs in the chatroom, or you can upload PDFs to the presentation tool
  • If some people prefer to just listen in, that is fine as well. Some reasons to be in listen-only mode:
    • Don't feel quite ready to participate but want to know what is happening
    • English is a second, third or fourth language, and in a live/oral discussion in English, it's not easy to get their point across.
    • May not have a microphone setup
    • In a place/time where they can listen in with headphones, but speaking will wake up their family (ex.: 3am in Australia)
  • It is possible to answer/comment in writing in the chat. You can participate anonymously. No email or registration required. Just give any username when you connect.

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