Tikiwiki global communication plan

  1. Goal: attracting Tiki developers & users with the help of clear, honest, up-to-date information on Tiki.
  2. How?
    1. Tiki documentation
    2. Cater to TikiEvaluators (see the Showcase )
    3. Why Use Tiki ? Benefits
    4. Mission statement
    5. manage TikiListings (make short, medium, long Tiki descriptions + keywords)
    6. Reviews/Press/references/high rankings,
    7. Case studies, comparisons to other systems (Postnuke, Xoops, Twiki, Type, Drupal, etc.). We need to show customers that
      1. it's easy to get started
      2. it's easy to add in new features as you need them (as long as you plan)
      3. ALL the features can work together to do whatever you need to do
    8. Keep an eye on the competition,
    9. Keep track on number of Tiki sites/ "tikified" listing.
  3. Sponsorships / Donations
  4. Partnerships

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