¡Tu búsqueda de un Portal colaborativo y Sistema de Gestión de Contenidos (CMS/Groupware) intensivo en funcionalidades ha finalizado!

Tiki CMS/Groupware trae por defecto un número de funcionalidades muy grande, muhas más, objectivamente, que cualquier otra aplicación web de Código Abierto.

Tiki CMS/Groupware tiene todas la funcionalidades clásicas de un portal web clásico que sea un sistema de gestión de contenido (SGC, o CMS de sus siglas en inglés), pero además, tiene algunas características que aún no son accesibles en otras aplicaciones de trabajo en grupo/portales/SGC. Siendo altamente configurable y modular, todas las funcionalidades son opcionales y administradas via un interfaz (o entorno visual) basada en Web.

Por favor, vea las nuevas funcionalidades en Tiki 1.9
Por favor, vea las nuevas funcionalidades en Tiki 1.8

Quizás quiera echar una ojeada a nuestras TikiMovies (video tutoriales del Tiki) para ver al Tiki en acción.

El Wiki


Galería de Imágenes

Image galleries are collections of images. Users can create galleries and upload images to private or public galleries. You can select the number of thumbnails to appear in gallery rows/files as well as the thumbnail's size. Thumbnails are automatically created by Tiki; you don t have to upload them. Galleries can be used for albums, stories, showrooms, and many other applications.

Artículos y envíos


Bitácoras (Blogs)

Blogs are great and they are very popular today. A weblog is a collection of posts ordered by date. It's like a journal on the web. A post can be a comment about something the user did, a review, a thought, anything. The Tiki Blogs system is quite powerful. Users can create blogs and, of course, post entries into private or public blogs. If you want, you can choose a Blog and make it appear as the home page of the site. Tiki also implements the Blogger XMLRPC interface, allowing you to use applications such as wBloggar or Blogbuddy to manage and edit weblogs.

Dibujos JgraphPad

JGraphPad is a powerful java drawing applet.

Tiki Móvil

Mobile Tiki permits web developpers to offer a WAP / PDA / i-mode version of their site with the same content and without any extra work! Tiki has partnered with the innovative HAWHAW toolkit. Currently, wiki pages and blogs are available. More features (forums, directory, etc) to be added in the near future.

Tiki Voz

Tikiwiki is voice-enabled by HAWHAW. This feature makes Tikiwiki a perfect tool to create voice services fast and easy. Voice browsers are provided by VoiceXML providers and are typically connected to both the public telephone network and the internet. HAWHAW and Tikiwiki are optimized for the Voxeo voice browser.

Please see:

Pancartas (Banners)

Banners are a common way for advertisements and notices to be displayed on a Web page. The Tiki banners system supports image and HTML banners (used in banner exchange sites) and Text Ads. Banners are assigned to “zones??? in your application. There’re a lot of configurable options for bannerssuch as maximum number of impressions, weekdays when the banner can be displayed, hours, etc. Banner clients are normal Tiki users and they can view banners assigned to them accessing a page where banner stats are displayed. Including banners in Tiki is easyusing a very simple syntax in any template or user module.

Sistema de contenido dinámico

The Dynamic Content System (DCS) is a very simple concept. You can edit blocks of HTML code or text from a admin screen and you can display a block in any Tiki template or user module. Updating the block content will update the template. You can also program block content by date--storing several blocks to be displayed in future dates. This simple system adds a lot of flexibility to Tiki. You can display anything you like anywhere in the screen and you can set up portions that can be changed or that change automatically along time.

Galerías de archivos

The file galleries section of Tiki is a very flexible download manager. You can create/edit file galleries, which are collections of files. Using the permission system, you can control who can create file galleries, upload files and download files. Statistics are recorded for each download. Rankings are defined for the top-downloaded files, most-visited file galleries, and last-uploaded files. Modules are also available to display last-changed file galleries, last-uploaded files, top-downloaded files and top-visited file galleries.

You can use file galleries to distribute free multimedia files (mp3's, avi's, etc) and software (versions, patches, releases) and to add files that users can download from Wiki pages, articles, weblog posts, etc.

Enlaces destacados

The featured links section manages links. You can enter as many links as you want and a user module displays the links in the order that you want. Clicking the links will open the site in a frame inside the central section of Tiki. Statistics are kept about the number of times that featured links are visited and you can automatically order featured links by the number of hits they have.


Comments are used to provide user-feedback to many Tiki features. Users can comment on Wiki pages, image galleries, file galleries, articles and polls. The comment system can be configured to allow users to vote on comments. A karma system mantains a level for each user. The level improves when a user comment is voted on by another user. Good qualified users votes add more points to a comment than users who didn't get good qualifications. Comments can be displayed/hidden using simple controls and the user can control how to sort votes, the number of votes to see by page and the minimum threshold (score) for a vote to be displayed.


Forums are a must-have feature for a community site. A forum is a collection of topics containing user messages. Using Tiki you can configure as many forums as you want and establish permissions to determine who can create forums, admin forums, create topics, post messages, vote on messages, etc. Individual permissions can be set for forums so you can have private forums only visible to some user groups. The forums section in Tiki has many advanced features such as auto-prunning to prevent the base of messages growing too big, flood-preventing, sticky topics, locked topics, etc.

Salas de Chat

Admins can create chat channels that users can join. Once in a channel, users post messages that are broadcast to all the users in the same chatroom. Chatroom messages are updated at a given interval that can be configured for each chat channel (you may want one channel to refresh faster than others).

Centro de comunicaciones



Polls are a common feature in user-community sites. Using Tiki you can create as many polls as you want and display from zero to n polls in the Tiki pages. You can also have a set of several active polls and display only one poll in a page. In that case, Tiki will rotate through the set of polls. Users with the right permission can see poll results, examine old polls and vote in any poll that is not closed.

Sistema de categorías

Categories are a way to classify Tiki objects (Blogs, Image galleries, Articles, Polls, Forums, Wiki Pages, File Galleries). You can create a category tree with as many sub-categories as you want. Any Tiki object can then be added to one or many categories. The user will be able to use a category browser--navigating the category tree with links to the objects in the category. This can be used to let the users find all the information your Tiki site has about a specific topic/subject regardless if the information is in an article, a weblog or a file gallery.

PUFs (Preguntas de Uso Frecuente; FAQs)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are lists of common questions and answers about a specific topic. FAQs are widely used in online communities to group popular questions and have them solved without the need to repeat the same answer multiple times. Tiki allows you to create as many FAQs as you want with any number of questions in each FAQ. Optionally, users may be allowed to suggest questions to be answered, which admins/editors can reply to or delete.


Quizzes can be used for fun, for trivia, for contests or for creating courses and e-learning sites. A quiz is made of a number of multiple-choice questions, each option in a question can be assigned positive or negative points. After the user takes a quiz Tiki computes the score and an answer can be displayed to the user depending on his or her score. You can control if quizzes can be repeated and you can indicate a time limit for quizzes. If you want, quiz results can be stored and you can review the results. Statistics are always stored for quizzes--keeping track of the results of each quiz.

Alimentaciones por RSS

Tiki is remarkably flexible when it comes to RSS. It can both display external RSS feeds from other sites in user modules and elsewhere and syndicate its activities (blogs, articles, forums, Wiki and galleries) via RSS.

Páginas HTML

Tiki offers a simple way for creating pages that will be displayed to the users and that can be linked from/to any place in your site. Just create an HTML page using the editor and then you can access it using tikipage. php?pageName=some. The simple html pages system can be extended with the addition of dynamic pages.

Páginas dinámicas de HTML

A dynamic page is an HTML page where you can use the syntax {ed id=foo} to create dynamic sections inside the page. An editor will be automatically available to edit each dynamic zone of a dynamic page. Dynamic pages will be automatically updated without a browser refresh and without making the user refresh the page. So dynamic pages are great for sport scores, stock information, real time coverage of events or other uses that you may imagine.


Surveys can be used to gather the opinion of users in your site. You can create surveys using different question formats: short-text questions, multiple-choice questions, single-choice questions and two different rate questions. Users can fill in the surveys and then you and they can check the survey's statistical results.

Rastreadores (Formularios, Trackers)





The newsletters feature allows admin to define as many newsletters as he or she wants. Users can subscribe to newsletters and a email confirmation is required to prevent spamming. Then admin can send HTML-based newsletters to the (confirmed) subscribers. This can be used to communicate site news, broadcast site events, etc.


The directory organizes Web links into convenient categoriessimilar to the dmoz open directory project or Yahoo! Users can browse link descriptionsnavigating the categories by drilling down to increasingly specific sub-categories. Or they may search for specific text. Users can also suggest links they would like to see added to a directory. Thus, a successful directory is built by its Tiki community.

Admins, or editors they designate, can validate user suggestions before they are posted. An unlimited number of categories can be created and they can be related to one another--encouraging users to move from one to another. Tiki tracks the addition of new links and the amount of traffic they attract. Users can view the top-ranked new sites and cool sites (heavy traffic sites) by clicking a button. Optionally, directory rankings/stats modules can be displayed in Tiki columns.


The ephemerides section can be used to associate one or many images and/or texts for each day of the year. Users can then browse the associated information for a particular day and a module can be used to display the information for the current day. This can be used to display comic strips, quotes, national holidays, and many other ideas.

Olla de grillos (o cuadro de avisos)

A module for users to put instant comments on your Tiki--much like a graffiti feature.


Comb through a Tiki site to find just the information you want. Search picks through forums, image/file galleries, link directories, CMS articles, blogs and Wiki pages to find the terms you specify. And Tiki compiles search statistics for admins so that they may keep an eye on what users want from their sites. There are two forms of searching: regular and full text. Full-text searching sorts results by the relevance of the match to the search query. Also, search results will be ordered first by relevance, and then by section (Wiki, blog, etc.). Regular, non-full-text searching continues to sort first by section, and then by hits.


Games may be incorporated into Tiki to add a bit of fun to the site. The games are graphically based and created with Macromedia Flash or Director.

Sistema de apoyo en vivo

Live support puts you on-call when your users need you. With the click of a button, a user may request help from a live support operator. The live support module automatically opens upon acceptance a chat window between the user and operator.

Full documentation at doc:Live Support and related pages


Motor de flujos de trabajo Galaxia




Sección Mi Tiki

Logged-in users can enjoy many convenient features in the MyTiki section. All of these features can be enabled/disabled by admin. Some features can't be offered to users without a valid login name and password, so they are only present when a user has logged in to Tiki using a valid username and password, the features that are available to registered users are grouped in the MyTiki section.


The Webmail feature provides a Web interface for users' email accounts. Users can set an account by indicating the POP3 and SMTP servers to use. Then they will be able to read mails, send mails, manage attachments, manage contacts and other regular Webmail features. Tiki can read and write HTML based emails as normal Webmail programs do.

Mensajes Inter-Usuarios/as

moved to Inter-User Messages


Bloc de notas del Usuario/a

User Notepad

Tareas del usuario/a

User tasks let the user set-up to-do tasks and then view the current tasks, mark them as done or delete them. User can send tasks to other users or groups, set deadline and move tasks to trash. A module that lets the user manipulate tasks is provided, and a second one to view public tasks.

Archivos del usuario/a

Users can store personal files on a Tiki site. They can upload files and then download them when they want. A quota can be setup to control the maximum size of personal files per user.

Calendario del usuario/a

The calendar can be used at user level to enter events for any date. Events can be viewed in daily or weekly views or as a list. Reminders can be used to notify the user about an event some time before it starts. The Tiki calendar can be imported and exported from CSV text files.

Menús del usuario/a

Using user menus the user can add personal items to the User Menu section in the application menu. An option is provided to let the user automatically add all the top-level bookmarks to his or her personal menu.

Preferecias del usuario/a

User preferences let the user select all the user-level preferences for the site: personal avatar, time zone, theme, language, etc.

Marcadores del usuario/a


Módulos del usuario/a

Modules are the boxes you see in the left and right side bars of the application. The user modules section lets the users hide or show available modules of a Tiki site and configure their positions. Modules administrators can make many more predefined modules available and create their own using HTML. PluginModule is a plugin that allows modules to be included in Wiki pages.

Suscripciones del usuario/a

User Watches monitor content that users are interested in. There is a Watches page in User preferences to organize this monitoring. Currently, blogs, Wiki pages and forums can be monitored.

Lector de noticias

The newsreader can be used to let the user browse news from any NNTP (usenet) site. They can read news and mark articles as read to know when new posts appear.

Funcionalidades reagrupadas en el sistema de categorías del Tiki
Por favor, consulte también nuestro sitio dedicado a documentación: arrow Features

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