TikiFestMontrealNov2008 Technical Group

Strand 1 - Technical

Some suggestions for this strand are:

  • Using/improving webservices
  • Using/improving profiles
  • Multilingual (alain, Marta, lph)
  • Improving the editing GUI
  • Extending trackers
  • Shopping carts
  • Installation/upgrade script: 1h discussion to make better (like other CMS apps)
  • Discussion on workspaces
  • HTML in Tiki Syntax ? Where do we filter html input/where do we allow javascript ?
  • Magic: do we keep it ? What needs to be done ?
  • What goes on which of our websites

And maybe:

  • improving the templates/css

Please add to this list if you want.

Planned sessions

Thursday 13th

  • CSS - evening

Friday 14th

Saturday 15th

  • 12h30 EnterpriseTiki
    • Trackers
      • Reporting
    • Workspaces
      • Category permissions


  • Fernando G.
  • Fernando S.
  • Rob
  • Regis
  • Sylvie
  • Tricia
  • Marc
  • Louis-Philippe
  • Mike (Kerrnel)
  • Cat
  • Jean-Marc (jyhem)
  • Pascal (pkdille)
  • Gary (chibaguy)
  • Matthew









Sunday 16th

Essential reading

Interactive whiteboard

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