Tikiwiki with less fat

First public release of tikilight is 1.8.2 see ReleaseProcess182
TikiLight is the contraction for tikiwiki lightweighted. Here are the shell operations that are done from tikiwiki normal release :

find tikilight_$VER/img/avatars/ \
  -type f -name '*.gif' | grep -v 000 | \
  xargs -- rm -f
rm -rf tikilight_$VER/img/custom
find tikilight_$VER/lang -type f \
  -name language.php | grep -v "/en/" | \
  xargs -- rm -rf
rm -rf tikilight_$VER/lib/Galaxia/docs
rm -rf tikilight_$VER/calendar/iCal
rm -rf tikilight_$VER/lib/pear/SOAP/example
find tikilight_$VER/lib/pdflib/fonts -type f \
  -name "*.afm" | grep -v php_Helvetica | \
  grep -v php_Courier | xargs -- rm -f
find tikilight_$VER/templates/styles/* \
  -type d | grep -v elegant | \
  grep -v moreneat | xargs -- rm -rf
find tikilight_$VER/styles/* -type d | \
  grep -v elegant | grep -v moreneat | \
  grep -v slideshows | xargs -- rm -rf
find tikilight_$VER/styles/ -type f \
  -name "*.css" | grep -v elegant | \
  grep -v moreneat | xargs -- rm -f

TikiLight can be good for testing or for upgrades in some cases.

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