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The Maps feature is a great new feature from franck! Check it out!

Read TikiMapDoc for important instructions on how to enable this feature.

User and Administration Documentation

Read the doc on the Tikiwiki Documentation site.


Key Function and sub-features=-

You can add some special tags in the METADA section of each layer in your map file.

  • DOWNLOAD "T" will authorise the download of the raw files that compose the layer

  • WIKI "MyPage" will create a link to a wiki page for the layer inside the TikiMapLayerManager

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TikiMap Out There:

Typical Uses

TikiMap display any map in any projection. You work your files with packages like MapInfo or Arcview and then upload the native files to TikiMap. You then create a mapfile to put it all together.

Applications are unlimited:

  • help to decision making by providing relevant geographical information
  • geology mapping
  • environmental mapping
  • location mapping
  • ...

Case Studies:


Please report bugs on the project page

Support Requests

Contact Franck on irc://irc.freenode.net/#tikiwiki (GMT+12)




Please report RFE on the project page

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