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If you find any errors or want to improve my instructions, please feel free to email me: markku{at}arctive.com.

Version 1.6 coding

  • Flo G
  • Luis Argerich
  • Ross Smith II
  • Damien McKenna
  • Oliver Hertel

Version 1.5 coding

  • Luis Argerich
  • Ross Smith II
  • Gil Shwartz
  • Eduardo Polidor

Version 1.4 coding

  • Luis Argerich
  • Evan b
  • Ross Smith II

Version 1.3 coding

  • Luis Argerich
  • Eduardo Polidor

Version 1.2 coding

  • Luis Argerich
  • Ramiro Vera

Project Managers:

  • Eduardo Polidor
  • Garland Foster

Internationalization Project chief:

  • Gil Shwartz

Images and logos thanks to:

  • Janne Pitkanen (2002 Artist of the Year award by Rendercitiy.com)
  • Matthen Pfund
  • Mark Limburg
  • Heather Cousineau

Language files:

  • Spanish: Tadeo Monevin
  • French: Marc Laporte / Caroline Morgan
  • German: Robert Heitzmann
  • Chinese traditional: Chen Jiang-Ding
  • Hebrew: Gil Schwarz
  • Polish: Marcin Chojnowsky
  • Italian: Maro Menne
  • Danish: Allan B. Christensen

Demo site hosting:

  • Al Brown

Testing and general collaboration:

  • Mariana Tome
  • Natalia Golmar
  • Alejandro Mitrou
  • Marc Laporte
  • Al Brown
  • Damien McKenna
  • Tom
  • Anders Knudsen
  • Roger Papillion
  • Richard Herb
  • Kristian Koenhtopp
  • Markku Niskanen
  • Mark Limburg
  • Oliver Hertel

Many others that should be listed and we forget to list, please accept a sincere apology and remind us to include you.

If you want to be included in this listing, just help us biggrin

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