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please include screenshots and documentation focused toward admins, rather than developers

Visibility (only Tiki1.8):
When the admin assigns a new module, this module can be assigned with different visibility.

  • A module is assigned but it is not displayed by default, until a user goes on the user assigned module panel and displays the module.
  • A module is assigned but only the users with the correct permissions and with no special modules configuration (the users who never goes on the user assigned module panel) can see the module
  • A module is assigned and all the users with the correct permissions will immediatly see the module. If a user has a special modules configuration, the module will be inserted in the set with the position given by admin
  • a module can't be unassigned (except by the admin) (like the loggin module and appli menu)


This page is for the latest released stable version or release candidate(not stuff in CVS).

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