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From the user preferences screen you will see a link to user bookmarks if you have enabled this feature.

User bookmarks are not only intended for internal links you can bookmark any site using this system.

The user bookmarks section let users bookmark any URL and organize their bookmarks in folders and subfolders, Tiki can also cache the current content of any page if the user has the permission to cache bookmarks. The user bookmarks screen is like this one:

insert graphic

Users can create or edit folders and subfolders and add links to the current folder, each link can be edited or removed. If caching is enabled then a link to the cached version of the bookmark will be provided. Navigating bookmarks is easy. You can click on a folder to enter it, once in a folder a special .. folder can be used to go to the parent folder.

The user bookmarks module

What makes user bookmarks more atractive to users is the user bookmarks module. This module will be displayed as follows:

insert graphic

The module can be used to navigate existing bookmarks, you can click on a folder to enter it and you can click on a link to open it, you can remove bookmakrs using the x link if you want. The module will remember the current folder so it won t be changed even if you navigate to any section of tiki. There s an input box and two buttons below the module that work as follows:

  • Entering a name and clicking mark will create a new bookmark to the current URL (the current tiki page) with the provided name
  • Entering a name and clicking new creates a new folder in the current folder.

If you click mark without entering a name from any tiki page Tiki will try to guess a good name for the bookmark using the following reasoning:

  • If the page is a wiki page the name will be the name of the Page
  • If you are reading an article the name will be the article s title
  • If you are reading a FAQ the name will be the FAQ title
  • If you are reading a weblog the name will be the weblog title
  • If you are browsing an image gallery the name will be the name of the gallery
  • If you are browsing a file gallery the name will be tha name of the gallery
  • If you are viewing an image tha name will be the image s name

So you can use the user bookmarks module to quick-bookmark sections of Tiki that will be remembered every time you log in, and can be accessed from the bookmars module from any Tiki section.

see also DirectoryDoc

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