About me

My name is Nobody, and Nobody is perfect... wink but you can call me Amedee.
This is a photo of me and my wife Annette, enjoying the sun and a good meal on the terrace of a restaurant in Assisi (Italy).


TikiWiki sites I'm running

  • 16 augustus 2002. This is the day I got married for the church. Our civil marriage was on 02/02/02.
  • PcRobots Tournament That is a site about a very, very old DOS game. It's all about programming your robot to fight other robots.

About Kon Tiki

After a late night IRC session (at least, late for me), chealer suggested that I added some information about Kon-Tiki, the boat of Thor Heyerdahl.

Marice, the TikiCat

One night, Maurice the cat decided he wanted to join the chat on #tikiwiki. This is what happened...

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