Testing Collaborative_Community Profil

Using Collaborative_Community version 10x & Collaborative_Community Wiki Menu

Nice, but on first view I dont see blogs enabled, wiki yes but not blog. Blog is activated but not on the registered user menu.

Where do I configure the automatic User-userNameHere wiki page ?

Features under MyTiki section can be set at "Admin > Community", under "User features" section but no config of User-userNameHere.

The config is in the Wiki config Features tab.

Use Plugin Invite ??

how do we moderate the registrations

automatic blog creation

How to

Mail All Users

Insert images

out-of-date topics

Just getting into Tiki, but I have already seen some out-of-date topics in the docs. I'm going to keep a list of them here and then suggest some consolidation of the docs.

Is this finished ? Abandoned ? Last doc update 2010
" At this time, the preference has been partially deployed..."

Blogs TikiMovie
View in action click after click how to use Blogs in a Flash movie. <---- Dead link

ArticleVsBlog comparison <---- Dead link

on page :http://themes.tiki.org/Using+Site+Look+and+Feel+Features&structure=Tiki+Transforming
section : Demo
Please go to:
user: admin
password: demo

the log on password does not work
password changed to : demo123


Taking a look at the Tiki Fact Sheet I read from the Ohloh rating that "Over the last twelve months, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware has seen a substantial decrease in development activity. This could mean many things. It may be a warning sign that interest in this project is waning, or it may indicate a maturing code base that requires fewer fixes and changes."

Also the Forums don't seem to be very active. Over 1 million downloads (!!!) but were is everybody ?

The system has lots of good features, so what is holding people back ?

My guess is the current state of the Documentation and the lack of Themes.
Any chance of finding talented Web graphics designers for a Theme Sprint ?
NOT a summer of code, but a "Summer of Themes".

In my opinion people are more attracted to visual than technical excellence. But of course, it's the technical excellence that will make them want to stay.

My guess is that more Themes would attract more users, and more users will get the Forums active and more people interested in cleaning up the Documentation.

A virtuous cycle.

Thus, my suggestion.

@Bob: For themes, it's coming in Tiki13: http://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=46596 https://themes.tiki.org/Theme+Revamp

Pages read before looking at source

http://dev.tiki.org/3+Rules Of course !



write excellent user documentation

For fun !


Project Ideas



debug server load with : Xdebug:profiler

Selenium Testing

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