SO I get my own page huh? Cool :-)

Installed Tiki for the first time May10th. I am impressed!!!

I am a webdesigner (was?). Having installed and configured about twenty different CMS's? Blogs etc. , I am very surprised at Tiki! I had TWiki installed twice, but if anything it made me mad lol.

I really like Tiki, it is awesome and has even greater potential, but I am just learning the ropes here. The photo handling is awesome, as good as Movable Type if not better, and that's sayin a lot. ...so...more later...

Once I get it configured more it will be my main site program for sure. My intention is to install and configure websites and intranets, took the MCSE course 8 years ago, been at different applications since, specializing in website management and communications in my old age lol...

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