To my tikiwiki page. I'm just about to getting started in the world of tikiwiki, exploring its many benefits and possibillities. Brannvernkurs.no is a page i have designed and created with the help of tikiwiki cms. I also hope to get a new page up soon with the tikiengine as backend. Also i'm working on the translation of tikiwiki to norwegian, as the current norwegian translation isnt really a norwegian translation but half a swedish and half a english one. I'm 82,5% done with that work. (That percentage indicator i got from ViM)

I have also used many other cms engines to do my "dirty work" wink

  • helges.net - my personal homepage (Xoops CMS)
  • hitt.no - my company homepage (Postnuke)
  • More to come .....

This is me hacking the web
(harr harr)

Page last modified on Sunday 13 June 2004 13:41:19 GMT-0000

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