Hello. I'm Joe Jett
I was indoctrinated by Bill Gates starting about 10 years ago and slowly planning a break out. I've done the MCSE thing under NT 4, and all the hardware and software and networking etc. Been playing with Linux on and off over the years but been real slow cuz I'm gettin old and my brain cells don't like remembering all these commands and stuff. But anyway, I have a managed VPS and I'm setting up a tiki for my hometown so we don't have to make classmates.com rich. If you want to look it's at www.shadyspring.netI really like Tikiwiki and I wish I was a coder so I could help, but my brains just gettin too old to learn new tricks I'm afraid. But you never know. We'll see what happens.I've been hanging out as HeyJoe in IRC, I've learned a thing or two their but most of it is over my head.

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