Jonny Bradley

I am a freelance developer/programmer based in London, UK. I have been using Tiki since 2002 and have gradually become a regular contributor to the project.

I championed the inclusion of JQuery as the de-facto JavaScript library within Tiki and have been working on widening the use of it and adding new features such as jQuery.mobile in Tiki 7.0.

I was Release coordinator for Tiki 6.x to 8.x and assisting in releases since then. I am also a member of the Admin Team.

Most of my work on Tiki has been related to the front-end user-experience, rather than back-end functionality, and I come from a TV production and design background. Over the years I have tried most of the programming languages at some point, with most experience recently being in PHP, JavaScript especially with jQuery and Java.

Finally, here is my Tiki Consultant info page, my LinkedIn page and me on Ohloh.

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