My name is Sridhar and I hail from Hyderabad, a city in southern India.

My personal blog is at srikat.com.

A portal in postnuke that I built and maintain is at telugumovies.net. It is for users who want to download telugu (an Indian language) files from IRC.

A site in geeklog I created is at teluguvaariki.com. Here you can download e-books on tech topics like C++, Java free of cost.

You can mail me at mircveerudu(at)yahoo.com.

Now that some of sourceforge mirrors for tikiwiki downloads aren't working, I've uploaded it to my webserver. You can download tikiwiki_1.7.2.zip from here.

I have another account in this site by the name of 'siridhar'. Henceforth I shall keep that as my main tikiwiki.org's account. So head over to UserPagesiridhar for the updated content on what's up w/ me.

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