Tiki has a very helpful and dedicated community that in most of the case is able to provide free support for our Free / Libre / Open Source Web Application Platform to users or webmasters having a little background and understanding on how to setup or configure a website. Tiki is very powerful and with so many features and options, specific cases, deadlines or environments may require more than the community support.

Aware of such, we came forward and create a network of Tiki Consultants (or service providers) that can help others the best possible way. Their skills, the fact that they are part to the Tiki project and their diversity enable our network to provide a very wide variety of services. Tiki consultants help clients, organization or company to plan, strategize, execute: Tiki setup, site design, branding, development, social network implementation, deployment, migration, ongoing support, etc. Our consultants can also train and get your team up to speed on using Tiki to maintain and update your site as needed.

Utilizing Tiki consulting services allows many developers to keep collaborating and participating on every step of the Tiki project. Yes ! Working for you is providing an outstanding and unique source of reports and experiences to share back with in the Tiki Community. This is how Tiki is growing and continue to offer more and more adapted solutions for real world usage.

If you are providing services for Tiki, please submit your candidacy as Tiki consultant .

Consulting & Project Management

Data migration & Content strategy

Design & Themes

Development & Customisation

E-commerce & Financial

Installation & Hosting

Marketing & Social Media

Multilingual & Translation


Troubleshooting & Configuration

Upgrade & Maintenance

Wiki & Knowledge Database

Consultants highly involved and contributing in the Tiki Project

Note: The inclusion of any company or individual in the program does not constitute an endorsement of any kind.

alsawiki.com (Jyhem)

Tiki Consultant

Spoken Language(s): English, French
Location: France France

Expertise open-source, applications Web.
alsawiki.com répond à vos besoins de gestion des connaissances, d'applications collaboratives, de sites interactifs... Grâce à Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.

alsawiki.com helps you design, plan and set up your online open source projects and specializes in Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.

Jean Marc Libs 100x100

AvanTech (marclaporte)

Tiki Consultant

Spoken Language(s): English, French, Spanish
Location: Canada Canada

Avan.Tech is a one stop shop for integrated communication, collaboration and commerce solutions powered by Free / Libre / Open Source software. These solutions cover the core needs of typical small or medium-sized enterprises and non-profits, including: Website, Team Collaboration, Customer support, Membership Management, Social Networking, Shopping Cart, Knowledge Base, Multilingual Glossary, Event Management, Collaborative Book, E-learning, Sales Force Management and Custom Solutions.

Supported software: WikiSuite: Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, Openfire and Jitsi Meet, Cyrus IMAP, Elasticsearch, Syncthing and Xibo.

Avantech Logo

Bernard Sfez (Bsfez)

Tiki Specialist, Contributor and Community Manager

Spoken Language(s): English, French, Hebrew
Location: Israel Israel

Active member of the Tiki project (Admin) I manage Tiki projects from raw description to successful project launch. I write specifications, suggest infra-structure, design architecture and coordinate tasks completion up to launch day.

I provide my extended knowledge in Content Management Systems and my fields of experience are very wide and includes eCommerce, ERP/CRM systems, Team Collaboration, E-learning, Knowledge Database, Social Networks, multilingual and tailor sized solutions.

  • Consulting & Project Management
  • E-commerce & Financial
  • Installation & Hosting
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Multilingual & Translation
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting & Configuration
  • Upgrade & Maintenance
  • Wiki & Knowledge Database

Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy)

Tiki Consultant

Spoken Language(s):
Location: Japan Japan

I've been making themes (aka templates or skins) for Tiki since version 1.6 or so, and have been fortunate to work on many interesting projects along the way. In addition to working on the theme-related code in Tiki itself, I previously shepherded the mods.tiki.org themes to keep them up to date, and now create aftermarket themes listed at themes.tiki.org. I also take on contract jobs mostly involving creating or adapting themes for Tiki, and installing and configuring Tiki sites.
Gary And Tiki

Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley)

Tiki Consultant

Spoken Language(s):
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom

I have been contributing to Tiki for several years and recently the majority of my work has been for the project.

I specialise in user interface development but have been known to tackle most areas within Tiki.

Key skills:

  • PHP and Smarty
  • JavaScript (jquery, ckeditor and others)
  • CSS
  • Not finishing biographies


luciash d' being (luci)

Tiki Consultant

Spoken Language(s): Czech, English
Location: Czech Republic Czech Republic

Web Design the Tiki Way! Everything from design, through Tiki integration and customization to the final site launch…
IMG 0467
  • Design & Themes
  • Development & Customisation
  • Installation & Hosting
  • Multilingual & Translation
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting & Configuration
  • Upgrade & Maintenance

Rick Sapir (ricks99)

Tiki Consultant

Spoken Language(s):
Location: United States United States

I have 15+ years developing technical content for software, including user guides, tutorials, training material, and online help. I am a member of the Tiki Software Community Association and frequent contributor to the Tiki codebase and support forums. My beginner's guide, Tiki for Dummies Smarties, and its followup, Tiki Essentials have been major sources of support for the Tiki Community.

Torsten Fabricius (Torsten)

Tiki Consultant

Spoken Language(s):
Location: Germany Germany

In 2009 I joined the Tiki community, when I decided to use the Tiki - Wiki CMS Groupware for an NGO-Project. Since I became an active community manager and operator in the Tiki Community.

Today I offer solutions for small and midsized companies as well as for NGOs.

Whilst my focus is more on collaborative intranet projects, I do also quick responsive websites for small projects and small business webVCards, communication solutions, customer support knowledge base etc...

Languages: German, English and very basic French

+49 178 8 272 383
Torsten Wue

Xavier de Pedro (xavi)

IT Admin, Power User, Small PHP developments, Translation

Spoken Language(s): Catalan, English, Spanish
Location: Catalan Countries Catalan Countries

I'm specialized in the use of Tiki in technical institutions, as well as also for education, research departments at university, NGO's and not-for-profit organizations. In addition, I'm the main author of PluginR (see https://r.tiki.org )

2012 Xavier DePedro 200px

Tiki Consultants

If you are providing services for Tiki, please submit your candidacy as Tiki consultant .

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