As a Free / Libre / Open Source software project, Tiki draws its strength from its community of users, developers, documentation contributors and other supporters, and financially from donations.

The Tiki Community is a member-driven "do-ocracy". To facilitate this approach, we offer support, documentation and tools that we, the Community, maintain for the websites as we "eat our own dogfood" to improve and add features to the Tiki code. Registration is free and open to all, and you are warmly welcomed to join.

Of course, registrant information provided to is used only for the benefit of the user at the site, and is not sold or otherwise made available to third parties. Personal privacy is a very important concern to us. And all of Tiki's newsletters and other communications are opt-in, and the only unsolicited email you might receive from are the most critical security notices or very infrequent user list management inquiries.

Registering is the starting point for posting messages in the forums and for being able to monitor pages and other site content (to receive email notices of content changes), to submit a bug report or feature wish at, and to be able to create or edit pages especially at - the support documentation site. You can participate in our live web sessions as an unregistered guest (that is, in our regular Tiki Online Open Hours sessions and monthly Roundtable Meetings ), but registering first is nice.

As a community around an open source software project, our model is one of people helping people and, once registered, you’ll find many opportunities to participate and contribute, whether you are an individual, or part of an organization, institution or company. You don't need to be a developer and know how to code to contribute. Tiki is a large project and there are opportunities for everyone who would like to support the open source software movement and Tiki in particular.

In short, you are warmly invited to participate directly in the growth of Tiki by joining the Tiki Community. For those who would like to help but don't personally have the time, we also very much appreciate financial donations to help cover the operating expenses of the project.

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