• Fantastico

    Fantastico 2009-09-11T00:43:10+00:00 Fantastico is a one-click installer offered by many webhosts...Related link: * https://www.netenberg.com/fantastico-scripts.html

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  • fantastico (not so fantastico) in Architecture/Installation

    fantastico (not so fantastico) 2004-05-25T14:49:26+00:00 A lot people are coming to this site after...I suggest setting up a support form devoted to Fantastico issues..../mark fantastico search I believe it would be better to send this to the not-so-fantastico people...Dont you have to pay for fantastico? Surely they must offer support....Unfortunately I'm limited to CPanel/Fantastico's options.

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  • Fantastico Using? in TikiWiki 1.8.4 has been released!

    Fantastico Using?...-09-24T20:34:33+00:00 I wonder how and if important update information gets to distributors such as Fantastico...This appears for other installs, my particular may predate Fantastico availability.

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  • Careful with Fantastico! in SiteGround

    Careful with Fantastico!...2006-10-21T21:58:24+00:00 If you use, or plan to use, this provider, be careful with the use of Fantastico...their warnings and do no manual upgrades at all, much less the major ones they warn you about, the Fantastico...I guess, regardless of whether they provide real support for Fantastico or not, they should at least

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  • Fantastico kept mods in New release 1.8.5 with security fixes available

    Fantastico kept mods 2005-02-07T17:13:12+00:00 I did my upgrade through Fantastico, and it kept both

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  • Install problem with Fantastico in Architecture/Installation

    Install problem with Fantastico 2008-02-28T13:43:02+00:00 Hello, I am trying to install TikiWiki...with Fantastico and continue to get the following error messages: Warning: tempnam() function.tempnam...Don Simmons I find that installing anything with Fantastico is a disaster (well at least on my server...source and download from there, they will have the most up to date and will be more successful than any Fantastico...install (although Fantastico is good as a reference to point you to things you might never know existed

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  • Re: Careful with Fantastico! in SiteGround

    Re: Careful with Fantastico! 2006-10-21T22:16:58+00:00 Just an update....If you do go the Fantastico update route, the problem I had, after I worked it out without the assistance

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  • Tikiwiki part of Fantastico De Luxe

    My server has Cpanel pre-installed -- all I had to do was go into Fantastico and click "Install TikiWiki...Because Tiki is preloaded with Cpanel/Fantastico, I expect this program to be VERY popular in the near...But I agree the inclusion of TikiWiki in Fantastico is going to shake up the community if it is not ready...Tikiwiki part of Fantastico De Luxe Fantastico De Luxe is a PHP based Web application....For some info on Fantastico go http://cpanelthemes.com/fantastico.php gio

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  • CPanel/Fantastico and new Tiki user! in Tikiwiki part of Fantastico De Luxe

    CPanel/Fantastico and new Tiki user!...My server has Cpanel pre-installed — all I had to do was go into Fantastico and click "Install...Because Tiki is preloaded with Cpanel/Fantastico, I expect this program to be VERY popular in the near

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  • Database and other trouble after Fantastico upgrade of 2.4 to 3.0 in Architecture/Installation

    Database and other trouble after Fantastico upgrade of 2.4 to 3.0 2009-06-12T17:57:07+00:00 The Fantastico...Fantastico said it successfully did a backup, replaced the files, and upgraded the database, but TikiWiki...I suspect that there was a missing SQL update script in the Fantastico upgrade sequence, but I don't...have the file non writeable by the server too) I had a similar set of problems when I upgraded with Fantastico

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  • Upgrade on SiteGround in Architecture/Installation

    Upgrade on SiteGround 2007-02-10T20:20:53+00:00 I host my wiki at Siteground, which uses Fantastico...Fantastico only supports up to tikiwiki 1.9.4....Is there are a way to upgrade my tikiwiki to 1.9.7 without having to wait for Fantastico to update?...HTH, Rick > I host my wiki at Siteground, which uses Fantastico for upgrades....Fantastico only supports up to tikiwiki 1.9.4.

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  • in trackeritem:2936 External

    Unfortunately those of us using fantastico are still back at version 4.3

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  • Same problem in karthiksuresh External

    Same problem 2008-11-11T01:37:29+00:00 Upgrade was done on BlueHost server using Fantastico.

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  • Re: Re: How to view source code in Features / Usability

    Re: Re: How to view source code 2004-12-17T14:44:40+00:00 Hiya Make sure your fantastico is installing...the latest 1.8.4, as the original tiki installed by fantastico was 1.8.0 which is very very insecure

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  • Re: ? Frantastico ? in Features / Usability

    Fantastico is like a control panel applicatoin that lets you install various web apps with a couple of...Some shared hosting environments use it. but the fantastico package installs a version 1.8.0 1.9

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  • Error message after install in Architecture/Installation

    ultrafractal/lib/tikilib.php on line 4084 Is what we get after succesfully doing an 1.8 install wit Fantastico...Thank you in advance, Eveline This can be because a) the Fantastico is old and its installed TikiWiki...(There are other posts in the forum with this same problem and the same Fantastico installation) Damian

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  • Wiki External Link Error in Features / Usability

    > No, each time I have done the autoinstalled using Fantastico De Luxe (via Cpanel) and I think...is version (1.8) http://www.cpanelthemes.com/fantastico_scripts.php > Which version are you...Tikiwiki have never heard of Fantastico....I think I will post a new message about Fantastico support There was this article on tikiwiki.org...articleId=61&highlight=Fantastico Damian The link problem I was experiencing was caused by not

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  • Problem with upgrade to 3.0 in Features / Usability

    Problem with upgrade to 3.0 2009-06-19T15:54:15+00:00 Hi I used Fantastico to upgrade a site to 3.0...I am on siteground, just checked, only 2.2 is available through Fantastico....than logged in and run tiki-install.php The upgrade went fine, I had no problems, maybe you can skip fantastico

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  • Upgrade from 1.9.7 in Architecture/Installation

    My webhost has a Fantastico installer. Old version though....I decided to do it without Fantastico - seems you just run to upgrade through the new installer....> > My webhost has a Fantastico installer. Old version though.

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  • me three in archivodesomotillo External

    Unfortunately all are Fantastico control so I cannot get to the shell.

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  • Serious Bug in Fantastic installation of v7.1 in Architecture/Installation

    installation of v7.1 2011-12-15T18:48:19+00:00 I have repeatedly attempted to install Tikiwiki using Fantastico...However, every time I do, Fantastico installs a faulty version of v7.1 which includes a serious bug on...If I encountered this problem after a Fantastico installation, then others too must be encountering this

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  • 100 MB disk space usage - any installation options to reduce this amount? in Architecture/Installation

    2010-02-24T19:23:47+00:00 I'm a student installing TikiWiki with Fantastico on a cpanel site....I'm planning on using just the Wiki feature of TikiWiki in a student project, and I see that the Fantastico

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  • wiki_last_comments not working in Features / Usability

    Also, I'm using TikiWiki 1.8 (that's what Fantastico installed); is this a bug that is fixed in a later...the tikiwiki is 1.8.0 then its most probably broken and you need to upgrade to 1.8.4 Whoever got Fantastico

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  • This was a general upgrade bug in trackeritem:2897 External

    Fantastico upgrades from 3.2 to 3.3 apparently didn't handle DB upgrades...

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  • MySQL problems (at least I think) in Architecture/Installation

    I have just installed tikiwiki on my website using the fantastico script library....Also make sure that the Fantastico install is a 1.9.2 as all previous versions including 1.8.x are insecure

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