• Tiki Not Working after upgrade in Architecture/Installation

    I have a very good Tiki project going on my site, but recently upgraded to the version via Fantastico...ALl I did was upgrade via teh Fantastico feature on my CPanel, but now I get this error....I don't know how Fantastico handles upgrades... M ;-)

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  • 100 MB disk space usage - any installation options to reduce this amount? in Architecture/Installation

    2010-02-24T19:23:47+00:00 I'm a student installing TikiWiki with Fantastico on a cpanel site....I'm planning on using just the Wiki feature of TikiWiki in a student project, and I see that the Fantastico

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  • Re: External Links in Features / Usability

    Re: External Links 2005-01-10T07:38:20+00:00 This is an issue with 1.8.4 independent of Fantastico

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  • Re: Uploading images to wiki - Found reason and solution in Features / Usability

    Because we use a Fantastico intallation and it was overridden in 1.8.6!!!...But the Fantastico automatic updater did not delete the tiki-editpage.tpl in templates/styles/moreneat.../ Probably the Fantastico updater just adds files... so we remained with the old override file that...I already posted the moreneat upgrade bug in the Fantastico support forum and I'm going to post the neat

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  • Re: Problem with upgrade to 3.0 in Features / Usability

    I am on siteground, just checked, only 2.2 is available through Fantastico....than logged in and run tiki-install.php The upgrade went fine, I had no problems, maybe you can skip fantastico

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  • MySQL problems (at least I think) in Architecture/Installation

    I have just installed tikiwiki on my website using the fantastico script library....Also make sure that the Fantastico install is a 1.9.2 as all previous versions including 1.8.x are insecure

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  • Re: Link Imagenes in Español

    Re: Link Imagenes 2011-02-15T09:36:07+00:00 ok, fantástico.

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  • Re: crash after upgrading to 2.1 from 2.0 (urgent help needed) in Architecture/Installation

    2.1 from 2.0 (urgent help needed) 2008-10-23T14:38:38+00:00 I suggest you do a manual install (not fantastico

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  • downloading "included" theme... in Themes

    downloading "included" theme... 2007-10-19T01:43:15+00:00 I've installed from Fantastico (don't shoot...Thanks, -dg > I've installed from Fantastico (don't shoot me, time to implementation is a scarce

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  • strstr() ... Warning in Architecture/Installation

    br /> -^ hanybakir at alkhawarezmi.com http://wiki.alkhawarezmi.com Im guessing this is a Fantastico...If its a Fantastico install, delete it and install 1.8.4 from fresh....The Fantastico installation is borked....Damian Hi, It is a Fantastico installation, my website is hosted with a hosting company and I don't

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  • SiteGround

    If you use, or plan to use, this provider, be careful with the use of Fantastico....their warnings and do no manual upgrades at all, much less the major ones they warn you about, the Fantastico...I guess, regardless of whether they provide real support for Fantastico or not, they should at least...If you do go the Fantastico update route, the problem I had, after I worked it out without the assistance...For Tikiwiki users we provide free installation and activation of the Tikiwiki application via Fantastico

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  • users table issues after upgrading from 2.0 to 2.2 in Architecture/Installation

    issues after upgrading from 2.0 to 2.2 2008-11-07T13:45:08+00:00 Hi, I upgraded from 2.0 to 2.2 using Fantastico...Doesn't Fantastico upgrade the databases automatically? ...Bob. Thank Rick....I'm surprised this worked because it means that Fantastico did not upgrade the database structure properly...Any comments about what Fantastico does and doesn't do during its upgrades for Tiki?

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  • Can't creat external links in Features / Usability

    </b> on line <b>4084</b><br This is in Tiki version 1.8 as installed with a Fantastico...However, there are many posts already that the Fantastico auto-install is in fact not-so fantastico,

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  • Re: Blogs and upgrade in Features / Usability

    ways that I know of (and there are some wiser than me who may have other ideas. 1) if your server has Fantastico...you can upgrade easily by clicking the Fantastico icon in their server control panel....Well, at least you could do this if Fantastico didn't take a year or so to post new versions of Tiki.

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  • ? Frantastico ? in Features / Usability

    2004-11-02T15:35:56+00:00 What is "Fantastico"?

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  • Re: Registered users can't post in forums in Features / Usability

    The version I'm running is a Fantastico install....Fantastico isn't showing the 3.1 upgrade on my control panel yet, either, so I'm not sure if I should

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  • Re: No-nonsense workgroup CMS? in Features / Usability

    If you take one with Fantastico, there is a very easy installer. Best regards, M ;-)

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  • toggle module contents - not working in Features / Usability

    toggle module contents - not working 2008-09-01T23:53:34+00:00 After a fantastico update to 2.0 I

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  • Re: Tiki Not Working after upgrade in Architecture/Installation

    I don't know how Fantastico handles upgrades... M ;-)

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  • Re: wiki_last_comments not working in Features / Usability

    the tikiwiki is 1.8.0 then its most probably broken and you need to upgrade to 1.8.4 Whoever got Fantastico

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  • Errors in Features / Usability

    Errors 2006-01-17T22:59:29+00:00 I installed tw through fantastico, and now I'm only getting Notice...Be aware that the version Fantastico installs is also old and insecure.

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  • Re: Missing structures, can't set permissions in 3.0 in Features / Usability

    need php 5 and mysql 4.1+ for tiki 3 to work properly (I guess you have those two versions in that fantastico

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  • TikiWiki Rocks in Tikiwiki part of Fantastico De Luxe

    But I agree the inclusion of TikiWiki in Fantastico is going to shake up the community if it is not ready

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  • ArteryPlanet.Net offers TikiWiki in Tiki Friendly Hosts

    ArteryPlanet's Biz2 plan, which is affordable and which offers Tiki 1.85 along with a great deal else in Fantastico

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  • Need Info - Initial Setup w/o Basic Profile in Features / Usability

    Need Info - Initial Setup w/o Basic Profile 2007-10-27T13:56:56+00:00 I just did a Fantastico install...> I just did a Fantastico install of TikiWiki on a SiteGround server, and the installation process

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