Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Can a 1.9 use a 1.8.3 database ?

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As i keep experiencing.... :-)

I have a 1.8.3 installed and i have installed (same domain) a new 1.9 CVS.

As i get to the tiki-install.php i have to set a database.

May i set it to use my previous 1.8.3 database or it is unsafe ?

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There's at least one reason for which it would be unsafe : Wiki pages custom permissions won't work for most pages in 1.8.3 anymore, those will fall back to global permissions.
There are good chances 1.9 won't even work due to DB structure changes. What happens when a query expects more columns in a table?

If you just want to experiment 1.9 with that DB, make a backup and upgrade it to 1.9 and run your tests. Although I never heard feedback from someone trying to do what you say, I don't think it would be positive.

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Hi Chealer9 !

I have understood the message.

I will make the DB from scratch ! mrgreen