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Confused about Menu Group and Permission

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I'm using 1.9c3 and i have several groups (Anonymous, Registered,Members,Editors, Admin). Group get's their right one from the other.

Admin permissions include his own +Editors+Members+Registered+Anonymous
Editors permissions include his own +Members+Registered+Anonymous
Members permissions include his own +Registered+Anonymous
Registered permissions include his own +Anonymous

I want "MyTiki" menu to shown only for Registered and higher.

Here comes my troubles !

Under Menu Option;

If i set group to Registered none of the other can see "MyTiki"
If i let blank all other see it.

I tried to use "Registered,Members,Editors, Admin" but then again only the first group can see it.

I guess there is a simple way to do that... But how ?


posts: 8311 Israel

I got it !

The default created admin user does not have any "group" permission assigned when created by the install script.

As Tikiwiki accept everything from this superuser, Tikiwiki doesn't no his group.

It is critical to go under "User" menu and assign "admin" with admin group permissions. It solve my Menu Group Permission problem as OF COURSE i was testing it under admin ! :-)

Good to know !