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This kind of Articles must stay on top !

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I use Articles Plugin on my wiki home page.

Great !

This particular month i have an articles that covers all the month and should stay on top.

But as articles are added (1/2 each day), this Article will desappear very soon.

Is there a way to prevent this ?

A way to set that a particular type (or subject) to stay on top ?

A way to add another Articles_plugin on the same page that will shown THIS specified article ?


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ONe solution in 1.9 is to use a wiki page with 2 calls to the articles plugin.
THe first one with a param topic = the topic of your global article.
The second with the topic of the other articles (you have to set a topic to each article)
(this will not affect the default home-articles so the menu must change to link to the wiki pages)

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As suggestion,

We can imagine a plugins parameter (i.e: admininfo) working in conjuction with a particular option in the article type parameters - i.e: Type is : "admininfo".

On a wiki page using the plugin article.

With this parameter set to ONLY,
The plugin Articles display only "article type admininfo" alone.

With this parameter set to OFF,
The plugin Aticles display all "article type" BUT admininfo.

With this parameter set to ON,
The plugin Aticles display all "article type" but last admininfo alway stay on top.

With this parameter set to MIXT (or not set),
The plugin Aticles display all articles.

With this, articles are shown on a page keeping a admin (webmaster) important annoncement always on top of it. (great for website general monthly information OR a warning about something).

Neat ! :-)


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I tried to add two references to the article plugin in a wiki page (with MODULE wrapped around them):


but I got two copies of the Admin articles. If I switch the order of the lines, I get two copies of the Article. So I know the syntax is correct, but for some reason, the parameters of the second are not read. This is with 1.9RC3


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try this:

{ARTICLES(topic=>Status, max=>1)/}
{ARTICLES(topic=>News, max=>3)/}

This requires you to have 2x topics not types! setup in Admin->Topics

Then when you have a status article, choose the Status Topic, otherwise just choose the News topic. Of course you can change the names of the topics as you need.