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Architecture / Installation

Re: Strange behavior with regisrtationmail/Mac/French

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DAMN !!!!!!!!!!
My previous post was lost as it take me a long time to test and write it the same time.
i HATE THAT !!!!!!!!!! twistedevil



(short version GRrrr)

Hi Sylvie,
Hi Damien,

Strange caracters and garbage in language.php Fr was the right track !

I have clean it by suppressing garbage and strange caraters (at least around the validation email). After cleaning the cache "template_c" (thanks Sylvie) it was ok.

As i have keep my previous version of language.php FR i put it back to test it and again the validation email was cut.

I have now 2 files of language.php FR
One good, one not.

Someone want to look at it to check the problem ? (of course i'm ok to contribute, but my knowledge is... what it is confused)