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Features / Usability

wysiwyg editor for use in the wiki


first I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with tikiwiki so far. I've been looking into some of the wikis out there and found tikiwiki to be superior in many aspects.

What i actually wanted to know is, if there is any progress on a wysiwyg editor for the wiki. I'm using 1.8.4 and the editor for blogs and forums works quite nice.

I know about the problem of mixing html and non-html wiki pages but it is not that much of a problem for me, since most people will be using the htmlarea editor.

Are there probably any current patches for tikiwiki to incorporate this feature? I've found one but it's for 1.6.1.

Well, sounds like a start but i actually wanted to present users a way to format their text without learning the wiki markup.
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If you dont want users to learn a wiki syntax, then a Wiki is not the answer for you. Look at http://www.etomite.org/ instead which is totally a wysiwyg interface.


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Many people have copied the code from the blog wysiwyg editor across but all wysiwyg editors will store the entire page in HTML format.

So basically until there is a massive improvement in the way the wiki page is stored, the answer will be no!


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