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Re: Layout starter

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Maybe a theme from http://tikihost.net would be a good idea to get a quick head start. Basically the /styles/something.css contains colours and tags and the layout is controlled by .tpl files in /templates/

just need to edit the tiki-top_bar.tpl and modify its paired css tags and you can some good designs: http://tikigod.org


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Thanks for that. I had got as far working out that I need to edit the top bar tpl, but I have to say it's all a bit much for me. I looked at the Smarty engine and it seems I have to learn yet another bit of software and more PHP than I want to at this time. There are just so many bits to alter and learn that I - with great regret as the potential is amazing - have decided to stick with something I have tinkered with and seem to get on with ok. I will probably use PostNuke for the current project I am working on as I don't have the time I would need to invest to get TW going.

Keep up the good work. I really am impressed by the features and direction of TikiWiki. I'll keep an eye on the project and no doubt will come back to it when my skills have improved and TW is a bit more mature and newby-friendly.

Thanks again.

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