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problems with adding many forum modules

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whenever i add more then one forum module (eg. last posted topics and most read forum) to a site it crashed with the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/schmi033/htdocs/tikipro/tikiforums/modules/mod_forums_most_commented_forums.php on line 5

THis does not happen with any of the other modules.

what can i do about this?

Thanks for the help.


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Is it tikipro? tikiwiki1.8, tikiwikiCVS?
We fixed a problem for some double module inclusions in 1.9cvs - need the tiki release to check if the fix has been applied

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It is tikipro I am using now. I got both tikiwiki and tikipro installed, but I migrated from a phpbb system I built, so I thought I could migrate the data too, which did not work out too well.

i think i will switch back soon, I just have to meet my deadlines so I dont have time for it now.



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so I am probably going to switch to tikiwiki 1.8 tonight. Is the problem fixed in that version??