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what are the parameters in the modules section for

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another thing i cant find any info on is the paramter field in the modules section. what is it used for, and how can I use it?



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I don't know if there is a documentation ....
You have to look in the php code to know. The modules are in the modules directory. the params are in the table $module_params. So if you have a pram max=20, you will find in the code $module_params%22max%22

+ You have a global parameter to filter the module for a language

see http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page_ref_id=279#id815316
Some parameters :
nonums=y if you don't want the number of the rows
minor=n if yu don't want the minor change in last pages change

I agree that we need a doc like for the wiki plugin param