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galleries wont display thumbs

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I told tikiwiki to save images in a folder, made a gallery folder and the pictures and thumbs are created correctly in there. The big images are displayed in the gallery too, however, the thumbs are not.

the thumbs have the following url in the galleries:


and this one right after i upload them:


it is weird since the second url, when typed in as url, gives me the normal picture again, not the thumbnail.

what is the amp; used for in between the get variables?

I am pretty confused with this issue and I hope somebody can help me.



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Im sure ive said this many times already, but check that your GD or imagemagick is available to PHP. You should have listed in the phpinfo (option on the admin menu) a big with GD or imagemagick and it should give you the version numbers.

Also for image galleries to work correctly I think you need PHP 4.3 or later, also make sure you are using the latest code 1.7.8 or 1.8.4 as other versions do have problems.

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I have PHP Version 4.3.7
Gd Version: bundled (2.0.23 compatible)

and tikiwiki 1.8.4

so i really dont understand where the problem is coming from. The thumbs are also generated already, but they dont display.


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Hi. I faced the same problem. I have PHP Version 4.3.10
Gd Version: bundled (2.0.28 compatible), and tikiwiki 1.8.4.

I have several tiki sites hosted at the same server. All the while they are perfectly running. The problem arised at one site after my hosting company changed the hosting and database password of that site, and i changed the password at db/local.php accordinggly. Since then, all broken image links appeared at the image gallery.

Here my troubleshooting effort would like to share:

1. I suspected header sent to IE may be the problem. But, i tested on Mozilla, same problem.

2. show_image.php, i uncomment the header codes as below:
//header("Content-type: $type");
//header("Content-Disposition: inline; filename=".$imagegallib->filename);
echo "$imagegallib->image";

browser can show binary data. This proves that the imagegallib can pull data from file system, but, browser cannot render it. Any expert on Header can help!?

3. Someone suggested to clear the template_c, and problem still remain.

4. Someone suggested that permission to show_image.php may be incorrect. Confirmed permission is not an issue.

5. Imagegallib.php. First, i uncomment the header and echo codes in show_image.php as below:
//header("Content-type: $type");
//header("Content-Disposition: inline; filename=".$imagegallib->filename);
//echo "$imagegallib->image";
In the Imagegallib.php, instead of writing to image property, i output it to browser. Confirmed that binary image data is successful pull out. I even compared it with the another image binary at another ok site. Confirmed it is the image data.

function readimagefromfile($fname)
//$this->image= fread($fp,$size);
echo fread($fp,$size);

6. I suspect Fread may be the problem. So, i also use readfile(), file_get_contents() to substitute fread. Same image binary can be pull out.

Let me know if you need further information.

Liang Ee Hang

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I solved my problem. I found out that any empty line after ?> will cause the broken link problem in Image Gallery.