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Architecture / Installation

Re: Donation feature

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All payment processing systems will need registration for security of the card details. secpay and others are all the same.

Some to tiki soon is Zen Cart to allow selling/managing donations whatever you want :-) That shoiuld appear in mods sometime in January. Im just about to merge shop.damosoft.net and damosoft.co.uk using it.


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"Re: Donation feature" is at least the second post by Damian about getting Zen Cart to work with(in) TikiWiki. There was an earlier (separate) inquiry posted at Zen Cart, as well:

I suspect that if anyone has "kludged" a functional solution, many persons using TikiWiki would be keenly interested in learning about that experience. Personally, I will not need to make use of a shopping cart for a few months. Still, I am curious about the progress of this particular endeavor — by anyone. After all, Zen Cart appears to be a refined application branch from osCommerce.

I am aware of TikiIntegrator and LDAP possibilities (Login Config: http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Login+Config). However, the former appears to be for importing static HTML pages. The latter simply presents a centralized authentication mechanism.

Hopefully, someone has made progress in ensuring database table integrity and minimal Web site presentation redundancy from the wrapping of one application inside the other.

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tikiwiki doesn't have currently some feature like that. If you want, I think Damian did a partial integration for tikiwiki with zencart but yo will have to pay ; he is not an opensource guy. Otherwise you can have a look to bitweaver.org a tikiwiki fork with zencart feature.

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